Money: ¥3.316

Today is the last eventful day. It was fun and I can say I luckily did not go to the Osaka Castle last time. Woke up at 10 which was a bit early, but in the end I wasted the time reading a manga called Ayu-Mayu. Ate the last bits of yakisoba, put new batteries in my photo camera, transferred my host mother’s pictures to my won camera, plugged my mobile into Shinji’s PC to charge it before I could finally go to Korien Station.

14:30. Met up with Ueki-san and Stefan, but Max was a little late. Oh well, reasonable as he does live quite far away. As expected, Japanese only just like last time. I think it has become more fluent than before though. He also hates the boredom of summer vacation. Pity him because he is still in Japan until January 10th. Envy him for the same reason. No conversation about his girlfriend this time though, but rather about conclusive questions, like “What do you hate or like.” Food, places, experiences. I did not go to temples that much, but I can do that when I am in Japan again.

An aquarium, just like it is. I do not like eating fish but I do like to see them. Especially those rare and beautiful fish. They really a lot of different fish here, so much I do not remember all the names. Orcas, otters and big fish like sharks, manta rays, porcupine fish. My favourite stays the jellyfish. They just remind me of Metroids which I love. But not only that. It’s the way they move and look as well, not to mention they are lethally poisonous. And those huge ones are just awesome. Orcas are also cool nonetheless. They learn a lot of tricks using just a whistle and small fish as reward when they do something. Whistle to somersault to fish. Like that, they do a somersault knowing they will get a fish for it.

Next time I come to Japan, I want to go to a zoo as well. Anyway, before the end, I ate a New York Sandwich with melon soda and left for the Ferris wheel next to it. By the way, I forgot my video camera today so I tried to take some videos with my photo camera instead…but as I thought it was being really irritating. Sad, because now others cannot enjoy the view of the tallest Ferris wheel in the world. Not that you could see that much because it was raining, but still.

Then, Ueki-san approached me and asked: “Do you want to see the Osaka Castle?” I cannot say no to it, even though she is paying for everything. I felt indebted, so I gave some syrup waffles as a gift and thanks for taking care of me today. It was already near closing time when we arrived so we hat to hurry a bit. I really wanted to smash my camera at that time. The outside is beautiful….The inside is beautiful as well, even though Stefan said it was not. Well yeah, the inside was turned into a museum, so its original contents are gone…I guess you could call it a shame. It was worth visiting once though. Putting a reminder here that I have to visit the Manga Museum in Kyoto when I have another chance. For now, I am satisfied.

As it is evening, I hurried home after getting off the train at Korien Station. I had not eaten dinner yet, so my mother prepared some soumen. It seems so easy to prepare. At nine, we went to the nearest river to pull off some fireworks with the entire family. It was fun, not as grand as PL of course, but this has its own worth. You do not need permission to pull off fireworks outside New Year’s Day as long as it’s at the shore, so people could be very envious of that. When we got home, there were still things I had to take care of: Sending an email to all of my classmates, finishing up packing my bags and writing my one to final entry in my diary. I have to wake up in three and a half hours, so I guess I will go take a nap for now.

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