Money: ¥3.566

Maybe I should do three pages this time as a retribution. I got my returning schedule ready, but I do not feel like returning at all, even though I would also be a bit glad if I am back at home. Today I thought we were going to Kiyomizu-dera, but we cut Stefan some slack because he went there four(!) times already. Unlucky me, I guess there is no other choice than to go to Japan next year!

I am not a morning person. After a slow start with milk and warmed up yakisoba, Kei came by with a rented care. Japanese people rent a lot, this time it is because we are with seven people today: Mom, dad, Masaharu, grandparents, Stefan and me. First step was the course menu from 12:00 till 14:00. You get food without ordering, basically you do not even know what you are going to eat. We are in Kyoto, so you can expect a lot of traditional Kyoto food. I am a spoiled kid so I have quite a lot of likings and dislikings. To be honest, I think it was not that delicious, but I cannot say that if it is this well prepared. Mom did not like my mace that had a crushing expression on it. The variety was huge. From sashimi and soumen to pizza and ‘peach soup’.

After this large lunch almost nobody had any hunger for the rest of the day. Our next stop was at Gion, where we went to a costume shop. One by one, we got dressed into Shinsengumi clothing. We made a lot of awesome photo, although my camera ran out of power at that moment. Too bad there was no young girl present, or we could be able to see the famous Maiko costumes, Geisha’s apprentices. When we left, we looked at old pictures and noticed two things. Someone called Bridget of BNN visited this place before…and the other this is that age does not matter. A 90 year old women looked young as well. Make-up can do much.

The next and final stop was Uji. Too bad, I really wanted to see some temples, but I can go sightseeing whenever I am in Japan, so that is not really a problem. It is still early, so we went for a walk before experiencing Ukai. Uji is famous for its own tea, the well-known Japanese green tea. Added with a little sugar, it is really delicious. Knowing my family does not really drink tea, buying it as a souvenirs seemed quite useless. At this certain restaurant we ate a green tea dessert, green tea pudding with green tea flavoured ice cream. Grandfather also ate green tea soba. There is no store with something related to green tea here!

Meanwhile, it is starting to get dark. Time to get on the boats. Time flew really fast, the one hour of fishing was over in no time. I recorded something but you can barely see it. Basically, these cormorants catch the fish and the person controlling them with ropes takes those in and make them spit out the fish again. The sailors slam with their paddles against the boat to wake up the fish and make them swim to the light; there is a large torch attached to the boat. The fisher makes a certain sound so the cormorants know they will get fish right after the hunting. This is to prevent that they swallow the fish or stop hunting for fish at all. They had caught 20 fish in total…It is really funny to see.

Kyoto is huge, but I do not have another chance to go again, which is a bit of a shame. Tomorrow it was actually an unplanned day but now it is decided I am going with Stefan and Max to the aquarium. Yeah, I have not seen that fellow since the beginning of my trip. Not to mention I still have to clean up my room and have a farewell evening with the family…How is this called unplanned now! One full day remaining. With a smile, I say goodbye!

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