Money: ¥3.566

I really have mixed feelings of going home. I like it and hate it at the same time. I really like the experiences I have met whilst my stay in Japan, but I am running out of ideas, time, money, and the will to return home is growing stronger. Today I thought of souvenirs.

Never had the chance though. After some inarizushi and vegetable juice, I decided to leave towards Neyagawa Station. Waited for Stefan to go out with his classmates, but we both had no idea what they had in mind. Nine classmates, woah. Did not expect that many. Some even ditched club activities for it. As expected of second graders (or not?). I did not know them but they all seemed quite nice. Actually, they are the same age, so why am I actually a first grader? Not that I mind though, the younger, the more active they are. Sadly, also the busier they are.

Guess what we did today…Oh right, you can read the title…so yeah, bowling. I guess I will have to make this post only one page then (as written in my diary). 142, 158, 131…Still not my level but quite the achievement with a normal house ball. These people did give a lot more effort to win though. Most of the time they were able to pass the 100. I do stick out above the rest, but I rather feel bad if I did not.

Aside that we did not do anything else in particular. Medal games, hanging around and that is quite it. I guess I will go buy souvenirs in Kyoto. Do not know if I want to go to the barber as it seems quite meaningless by now.

In the evening we ate yakisoba with chicken, a standard meal. It is delicious. I love the conversations I make lately, as they are really deep. Manga of the day: Kagetora. Song of the week: My Soul, Your Beats! by Lia, the opening of Angel Beats. Cleaning up my room a bit to save time when I leave. Got to go to bed early for my last grand event!

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