Money: ¥5.146

Somehow I am really happy I live in the Netherlands and not in Japan. You will get it after today’s post probably. Ahh, it feels as if I am running out of eventful topics. The morning is always the same…Actually, why would it actually differ all the time. I think I just want to fill up the time. It was a precious day today: It is the last day we are able to meet. The usual group….Naohide, Ikeda, Yakushi and Naoki. Today I went to Ikeda’s house with Naohide. Actually I was supposed to go with Sagiri, but she has to visit her grandmother. Blasphemy.

Just like I got quite lost in Moriguchi. We missed each other when meeting up so it took at least 30 minutes before we could finally go to Ikeda’s house. Note that I had noticed Ikeda once while waiting; yelled his name and walked up to him but he just continued walking. I felt ignored, thinking it was not him after all. Making it worse, he lives quite far away from the station.

Aah, his room was chilling though. And really clean, which I quite admire. Enough light novels and manga. I wonder where they got that money from. They are richer than they think? I do everything online. I cannot say if downloading is actually legal in the Netherlands, but it seems as if it is excused as long as you do not distribute it. In Japan, rules are a bit different. Using any kind of downloading programs, and the police will be after you. For someone like me, that would be one of the worst things happening. Ikeda wants to play Little Busters!, but that is quite impossible without being “illegal”. Sharing is excused, for once. Although I guess I cannot be much of a help with that. Maybe next year.

I showed them my activities on the laptop, and they were quite surprised. Confirmed, we have more spare time and freedom in the Netherlands, I guess. I should be more proud of my own country. Now if I could only buy stuff like in Nipponbashi, and I would be totally satisfied. Why is Japan so far away, By the way, today is the remembrance of the tragic day Hiroshima got nuked, just so you know.

After lying around is his room for an hour, we went downstairs to play on the Wii. We did not do a lot in Ikeda’s room anyway. Locating the Netherlands, playing on the PSP – Naohide with another HDD loader again, not to mention that is also quite illegal – reading manga and deciding not to tell them about how to use torrents.

On the Wii, we played…Mario Party 8. Oh, that game can actually get on my nerves very much. I won nonetheless, but the computer was unexpectedly lucky with a second place. We also did Mario Kart Wii again, but with access to everything this time. We wished for the same when we were going to play Super Smash Brothers Brawl….But who would think the game disc would die right at this day. As it did not load, we did not have a lot of entertaining things to do.

The clouds looked beautiful. Today may have been a bit of a failure, we did talk a lot. Saying farewell to friends is difficult, even though I don’t know them that well. I do not have a lot to tell apart from this. Today’s dinner looked a lot like yesterday’s, so I cannot really comment on it. Tomorrow is a bit unplanned, so I am going with Stefan and his classmates and go out. Actually wanted to go to the barber’s but Masaharu is going to the pool tomorrow. Sigh.

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