Money: ¥5.901

As today was a free day, I decided to make it as busy as possible. A schedule without any gaps. But after this day, I did not feel too happy about it. Nonetheless, it is better than doing nothing, but I got caught into a trap, so to say. Somehow you can get a liking to something. This affection grows out into a desire. This feeling grows out into addiction if you do not watch out. Today I made this mistake and I heavily reflect on it as I write.

Morning schedule. No more reading manga, that is also a waste of time. Got another 5000 yen at Alplaza which was actually needed after today. Brought some milk tea from home, it is quite delicious, although the idea of milk tea originates from England. I wonder why the Japanese got caught up in it. I had some plans at school so I went to the convenience store near it first. Got warabimochi (Wikipedia gives a better explanation that I do) with chocolate milk for only 158 yen, and it is really nice as well. At school I had but only one task. Writing down all the names of my classmates. I just felt like that was necessary, just in case. After checking a 100 yen shop nearby, I parked my bicycle and rode the train.

So my first mistake? Going back to Nipponbashi for another round. As I thought, I feel more at ease when I am alone somehow. I still have a lot of age restrictions though. So I have to schedule what to ‘do’ in Nipponbashi, so at first I just checked the stores like we did yesterday, but now with a bit more feeling,. I have a desire for items while I am in Japan anyway. But selecting something is difficult. A t-shirt is too expansive, too much manga I need to buy, too much kanji I need to learn… And too much money I wasted by trying my luck too much at UFO catchers.

That was my second mistake of today. Or rather, a result of the main sin: Greed. I just wanted to get things in hand, and I will do anything to achieve it. So you know what happens? You get annoyed because you do not win. Better said: You know you can win but you fail. The beginning of an addiction. Yes, of course I won several times with these games. But it is not comparable with the amount of money I have spent for it.

Two drinking glasses of Mayoi Neko Overrun!, a quite useless Touhou wallet – although I might know a use for it in the Netherlands – and also a Touhou poster. I also got two clock, one contains a picture of Angel Beats only while the other is a mix between Angel Beats and Little Busters…I think I can use them to see the time difference between countries. I was actually just aiming for one clock but I was lucky. Some buttons and a keychain. Yep, I know this is quite garbage and yet I wasted 9000 yen on it. Oh well, you learn from mistakes, and in any case I sure did.

So I did not go to a maid café as I noticed my lack of money. I have no other choice than to go home. I was actually planning to go to the Osaka Castle but I cancelled that because it was late and… I did not know how to go to that place anyway. Maybe if I have some more spare time I will try to go that and if possible, with friends.

I feel guilty I spoke to my own mom about it so that puts a bit ease on my heart. Only two days remain unscheduled, but I think it will be OK. I ate chicken with tofu and some other stuff, pretty basic but still good. I do not know the name all the time. After watching a very interesting program about the previous life, I made preparations for tomorrow, as Sagiri could not come unfortunately. I want to sleep now because I feel bad about today’s failure. Good night.

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