Money: ¥12.049

Oh wow. Mirai Nikki is going to be animated, which is really awesome. But I guess I should watch a lot of anime before that when I am back in the Netherlands. Talking about anime, today that is most likely the main subject. After a long discussion, we have finally decided that the name of the district is Nipponbashi, although Nihonbashi sounds way cooler in my opinion. I hope this is going to be a great day.

First, you guessed it already, is my breakfast and yet another shower. I ate the remaining Doria, packed my bags and left for school. A bit early, so I went to the convenience store to kill some time. Hmm, recently I got a liking to this drink called Gungungurt. I cannot explain the taste of it but it is very sweet. So at the gate I met up with Naoki and Yakushi, though they do not seem to know each other. As expected of Naohide’s friends. He was late himself as well.

So we rode the train towards Kitahama as Ikeda joined us at Moriguchi. The total fare price was 1000 yen, so I have to be careful with my money. After switching lines, we got to our destination: Nipponbashi. At first it looks normal, but there is just one district where it is heaven when you walk into the street. This place is called Den Den Town, famous for the Otaku Road and the electrical wares.

I did not make too many pictures which is a shame. A lot of famous stores popped up in my geeky mind: Kotobukiya, Tora no Ana, Animate and Melonbooks. If you are like me, this is a place you cannot leave behind. Today, we went with the five of us but if it is possible I would like to spend another day here on my own.

So I do not really know what to expect here, but walking into every store was not such a bad idea. For starters, everything related to electronics and anime is cheaper here than in the Netherlands, so if there is anything anime-related that you want, now is the time. They have really everything you need, but there is only one problem: Everything is in Japanese. Think about games, manga, light novels, anime….Reaching paradise had requirements for people like me. What I did find surprising is that I found a lot of manga that I usually read online. Ikeda does not like me doing that piracy actually. Interesting.

As a proud fan of the visual novel Little Busters!, by the famous company called KEY, I obviously tried to obtain as much merchandise of it as I could find. Luckily, it is also very popular among the Japanese otaku, so there was enough. Rather, there was too much to choose from. I went with my own new Kudryavka cup. I am really cautious of buying items. I always want them to have a proper function to them so it will not lose its worth, but somehow I keep being attracted to wallpapers and tapestries.

UFO catchers are addicting. They are not like the ones in the Netherlands but the rewards seem so promising. Unfortunately, winning chances ranges from hardly to impossible. In the end, I wasted 2100 yen for only one poster, but I am happy with it. I want to get a second one if possible though. The watching experience was actually the main even for today.

We did not go to a maid café as it was too expansive, but maybe I will go myself once. It is not a life-time experience…But I am in Japan! I feel like I do not have enough souvenirs. Somehow I got this desire I cannot get rid of. At the soumen and nikuman(meat bun) this evening. I still do not like cold noodles. I do like the vending machines right outside the house though. I want to make a schedule for tomorrow so I am off for now.

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