Money: ¥6.494

Too bad, mom did not bring the syrup waffles to the library. Well, maybe I am a bit glad because I can enjoy some of them myself. Woke up at 10 as usual, because I cannot seem to sleep after that time. Ate the hot sandwiches my mom prepared yesterday, but I really prefer them with some kind of sauce. After finishing my manga Happy World!, there was not much else to do, other than…

Going to Alplaza again. Probably the last time I will withdraw some money and I think there is not much left on my account anyway. It is actually meant for it I might run out of money when going to Nihonbashi. I also want a design cut, so that will also cost a bit more than usual. After buying some yoghurt drink, I left for school for my last club activities. I was right on time again, luckily.

This time we started one hour earlier but I myself had plans at 16:30, so in the end I still had only three hours of practice. As before, they prepared a special cup for me when I want to drink the cold tea. Note that this tea tasted just like normal water from the Netherlands. I say that on purpose because I do not like the taste of water here. I think it has less calcium in it, so it tastes worse but it is better for those electronic devices. Today they also had ice so I took some to cool my own yoghurt drink with.

I cannot really say I participated more than I did yesterday, but I do feel I am not as hopeless as before. Knowing all the ways of playing, but doing them without thinking is still difficult. Brought some more hot sandwiches as lunch as well. Makes me feel a bit Dutch actually. Talked a bit with Sagiri about how she feels about staying at school for the night. Well, this building is over 80 years old, so a lot of frightening things might happen, like ghosts or crumbling.

I actually did not want to say farewell to the girls yet, but I had no other choice. After finishing up I met up with Stefan at the front gate and went to the back gate where we found my host mother waiting for us. I guess that was for the best, as we did not know our ways that well. The library was HUGE, although mom keeps saying it is small. True, most of the books were about Computer Science, but there is also a relaxing corner with DVDs, manga and DS games. The manga are in English, so I guess everything here serves an educational purpose. I also found this character manga called Onsen Girls, which seems somehow familiar to me, but it might just be a déjà vu. After a few pictures and a small tour, we met up with Masaharu.

After eating some beef okonomiyaki, we said goodbye to my mom and we went to play at the place where I bowled with friends almost two weeks ago. This time we did not only play bowling, but we also tried to the batting corner. Apparently it is often used to swing away your stress. We quite sucked though, even if we tried at somewhat high speeds. Ranging from 90 to 130 kilometres per hour…It goes really fast. I am not used to it because I normally play softball, where you pitch with an underhanded throw.

Yeah, we also bowled for a bit but not really much to comment on that. This time my scores were a bit more on the normal side but still less skilled: 132 and 150 points. In the second game, Masaharu was fooling around, but that is how people for Osaka differ from the rest in Japan; they follow the path of the laugh. “Purikura” (Print Club) is also an example of that. The weirder the faces on a photo, the better. This time was quite the success. After bringing Stefan home, I got online to speak with my own mom just to start an argue about one’s privacy. Again, the daily blunder. Hopefully I make none tomorrow. Good night!

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