Money: ¥7.742

Lately I am able to sleep for a long time, so that feels quite great. Not doing anything is something else though. Same goes for my host brother Shinji, who only has club activities in the afternoon. Although in his spare time, he is mostly busy with his girlfriend. Using Skype because it is cheaper. After reading some manga online, I took a shower and left for Alplaza.

Why Alplaza? Because I need money and the only place with an international ATM I know is there. I guess I should ask my own mom to put some money on my account tonight. I tried to go straight to school from here, but guess what? I got lost. Though somehow I made it in time. Being the only boy within a group of girls is still a bit embarrassing.

The girls really have a different approach to training than the boys, but it is one I actually prefer. It has a lot of breaks…and a cool tea dispenser. Everyone drinks from a random cup but they prepared an orange(!) cup specially for me. Wow, it is no joke, they are quite aware of indirect contact! Every 15 minutes there is another kind of practice. Today it started with service training, followed by volleying, smashing and normal rallying.

Even though I watched more than I actually played, I do not really care about it. Unlike the boys group I do know some members of the girls club as they are my classmate, like Mikan and Sagiya. Although Sagiya is the manager of the club, it does not seem like she is actually very well at it. I think I am bad myself too, but I feel like it is going better every time.

Three hours passed in no time. Sadly, I do not want to leave so quickly. But fantasy is not like reality. In fantasy, I bet there would be a flag of staying as school with them as they stay at school for over three days. Reality is harsh so I have to say goodbye already, Well, I guess I could go to school earlier tomorrow.

This evening we made several other plans. I paid my mom my part of the price back at the PL Fireworks Festival. We confirmed going to my mom’s library and going out to play several other games I have not done before, like batting practice. We feel sorry for Stefan as I want to go to Kiyomizu-dera on August 8th, but he has gone to that place twice already. My best time will probably be at ‘Nihonbashi’ though. There are also plans of going to the barber’s once, so rejoice, my Dutch friends. Although it is very expansive as always.

While I watched Fairy Tail, my mom had some bento that would expire today but it contained a lot of raw fish. Oh well, there were also a chocolate chip meronpan (melon bread) and dango, so I enjoyed eating that instead. But this was not the main menu. The main dish was Doria, that looked a lot like lasagne…but then with rice. As if rice is a vital ingredient for everything, but not that I have any problems with it. No reason to complain. Tomorrow I think I have to withdraw some more money if it is possible… I do not know how much is left on my account right now. Mom made hot sandwiches for tomorrow, it looked kind of nostalgic to me. I think five weeks of Japan is for the best, or even I would go insane and long for home. Instead, I gave all my souvenirs right now. Maybe late, but it also gives a bigger impression if you give it a bit later. They are pleased so all is well. Let’s eat syrup waffles tomorrow!

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