Money: ¥9.447

Nine days remaining. I think I slept a bit too long but that is okay. Today I thought of… doing pretty much nothing. Nothing planned until the evening. I woke up at nine but I kept reading my manga for two hours. I think it is really good for practising reading kanji. If that is too hard, read Yotsubato! That has rarely kanji in it at the beginning. For the rest, nearly every manga has furigana.

When I came into the room, it was a mess… Again. Why is this dog they have so irritating. Or well, I guess it wants to go for a walk every once in a while. We Dutchmen give our dog a walk four times a day, while this dog only goes once. I wonder what the deciding factor of loyalty is. Basically, Rin bit on a plastic ink refill, so all of its contents were spilt all over the floor. Of course, Rin wants to play a lot…so when I got into the room, the whole floor was full of the dog’s footprints. Not to mention the poo near the television and the pee near the kitchen. Well, I cleaned it up so I guess that counts as a family task.

Heated up the nabe from yesterday, just to notice that the contents have changed. It was not full of rice and eggs, so it seems it had changed its purpose, but it was delicious no matter what. At the moment it is not as delicious anymore, because of my daily mistake: I lowered the fire but I never turned it off. It got totally burnt by the time Shinji woke up and looked into the pan. He got himself some instant ramen instead. I always wonder where they get those instant pads from. Somewhere in the afternoon I got shaken awake by a phone call followed by the doorbell. Apparently a package arrived but I cannot receive it as an exchange student. The mailman gave me a note instead and luckily my mom read it when she got back home.

At that time, I was somewhere else though. At 4 PM, Masaharu came home and told me to pick up Stefan at Korien Station. I actually wanted to go somewhere else, but is resting is also good in my opinion. We could experience this feeling some more when entering the hot spring bath. We had free tickets so we could all go for free. Putting all my clothing away besides a small towel, and you should be good to go.

The first thing you will notice is that you are supposed to be naked. Everyone is naked. This place has no mixed bath, so sorry for the tad perverted anime fanatics hoping for such events to happen. At first, we took a nice shower as if you are at home. There are a lot of baths so it is kind of hard to list them all here.

Inside you got baths with different levels of warmth and a normal sauna. The levels were 28, 32, 35 but also 10 degrees Celsius. Furthermore, the sauna was at 90 degrees, something I cannot bear for too long. Outside, you got the 32 degrees normal baths but with cool decoration with trees, some resting places, Jacuzzi-like personal tubs and a eucalyptus sauna. This was something more endurable. As we had to be here for around two hours, I did became pretty tired. Every time I went out of a bath I felt as if I was going to pass out, but I know my limits. I even was the last one to leave the onsen in the end. It feels really great though.

While I am rubbing off my tanned skin, we took Stefan to our house to eat Japanese food called “soumen” with some other small side dishes. I do not really like cold food, but the yakitori sticks changed my way of thinking. I am starting to mind less and less about what I like and what not; which is a good sign. After a small conversation with Stefan and also my Dutch friends, I went to bed fast because the next day is pretty important. Have a nice dream!

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