Money: ¥9.447

I actually planned to wake up at seven, but my lazy habits are appearing again. So I got up 45 minutes later but I still have enough time to prepare for the new club I joined. It is soft tennis….tennis but with a softer ball – think of a stress – I did not know what to prepare though, so for the meanwhile I got myself some PE clothes and shoes, some bread and bananas…And English tea. Though this tea did not originate from Japan, but from the Philippines. They said I could eat everything that was in the house but it feels kind of rude to take something without asking for permission. Although I do not really do that in my own house, so I understood their feelings.

Soft tennis. Not as original as kendo, but repeating the same thing over and over is not something I like. I also get hurt a lot more with kendo than with soft tennis. Getting more rest, being in open air…But I did not think that soft tennis would have this many rules before you actually got the basics down. Well, it is less tiring as kendo and maybe it might be of any help if I ever have to play tennis in the future. But your body stays quite active. We started off with the stance. Actually, this lesson took on for quite long, together with the basic hit.

The sun makes you lose energy really fast. Aside service and other techniques like back-end etc. , I got the basics down. I just hope the girls will hold back on me when I play with them. At the end of today’s training, I just watched the others play. They have funny shouts for situations though.

Donmai donmai ike ike ki ni sunna! (Don’t mind, don’t mind, go go, don’t let it get to you!)
Lucky, lucky, lucky lucky lucky lucky booru ippon! (One lucky ball!)
Naisu booru! ~clap, clap, clap clap clap~ iizo [x] iizo [x] mou ippon! (Nice ball, good going, one more!)

Also, as I was training, apparently the girls tennis club were looking at me the whole time. Even the teacher came to me just to say that, asking like “Do you know [x]?” …Becoming popular is cool.

Cannot wait to practise with the girls’ team but of course it will also be difficult and tiring. Before I left to play, Irie-sensei came to me to give me some more souvenirs like she promised. An anime DVD is even included, and not to forget the pictures she made a precious times. After taking care of any back-up plans with Morita-sensei if the girls would actually accept me, I finally went with Ikeda to Naoki’s house…that is on a hill. Man, and I thought Nara would be the last time, but then I realized I am in Japan.

His room is super small, but I am still envious of all the anime posters he has. So he does not have a Wii, so a Gamecube should hopefully suffice. Super Smash Brothers Melee feels like nostalgic but better because Luigi is still awesome in this game. With items on, it is still a smash fest though. Afterwards we played Mario Kart Double Dash. A game where I am actually good at, while I usually suck at racing games. Maybe I am just lucky. Winning a race 16 times in a row does not feel like luck though. I guess they lost the motivation after a while.

Still one hour but nothing interesting to do. Spent time investigating the room, reading Dengeki Daioh and having boring conversations. As an apology, he would give me one of his anime posters, but most of them were really Not Safe For Work, so I decided to leave it at a normal one from To Aru Kagaku no Railgun.

When I came home I heard a mistake: The AC was still on. Darn, I always do something wrong every day. This evening, we ate nabe which is quite famous in Japan. There is a pan with boiling soup and you add and eat from this soup. Normally you add meat, but there are also other variants. In anime, a common strange nabe is kuronabe, where everyone adds in their favourite dishes in the dark, so no one knows what is inside it. That kind of nabe is normally gross I think. You could try it once. Manga of the day…Mitsudomoe. I can rest very long tonight, so I want to enjoy it to the max. Good night!

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