Money: ¥9.447

11 o’clock. Yep, that is how I know myself. It is not past twelve but I cannot be too late for appointments, can I? Did not do too much today in my opinion, but I got my mind set after a good conversation with my host mother. It is very important for later at home as well. Anyway, took a fast shower in the morning and left for the usual meeting spot after a toast, a banana and a donut. Also, Calpis. That last one is comparable to what the Dutch call “aanmaaklimonade”.

What is the usual meeting spot? That is the front of the school gate. We gathered here three times before. But today we had another guest with us. Its name was rain. Even if the rainy season has ended, the rain that appears every once in a while is not just a drizzle rain. It is more like a storm. Brought an umbrella with my but I am still 50% soaked. Good think Naohide lives just three streets away from school.

So we’re here at his house again. You might call this a repetition of the first time. We played the two usual games, Super Smash Brothers Brawl and Mario Kart Wii. This time, there was no Yakushi though, but another childhood friend of Naohide called Naoki. He is a funny guy and a major fan of Little Busters!, so we will be good friends I think. We are going to play at his house tomorrow because we have no plans in the afternoon. Ikeda overslept today as he woke up at 1 PM in the afternoon and missed his club activities. It seems everyone oversleeps once in a while here, but Ikeda went to sleep at 5:30 in the morning; that sounds even worse than the Dutch me!

So basically we played Brawl and Mario Kart until Ikeda arrived, and then we played some more Brawl. They are not really up for one-to-one competitive matches so I cannot really say how well they are at this game. Still could not play as R.O.B. though, which is sad. We did unlock two other characters in the process, Lucario and Snake. Somehow the Japanese also like sudden death mode and a time-limit attached to it. Maybe we should do that more in the Netherlands.

After a nice session of gaming and a glass of ice coffee, it was already time to go home again. Japan is really fond of coffee by the way, even children drink it a lot. Nonetheless, they do not like to drink soft drinks as often. It is really a mystery for me. What I like about Naohide’s house is that there are no chairs, but you sit on a tatami carpet. It isn’t much, but it does give you this small traditional feeling as we will never do that in the Netherlands.

When I came home, the ordered shopping delivery got here. Apparently they are so busy over here, they shop via ordering instead of going to the supermarket. It is all listed in the daily newspapers. Maybe I am too used to having a supermarket only some minutes away from home. After carrying the stuff to the second floor, we went out for dinner.

Kushikatsu, it is called. For 1980 yen, an endless stream of food on a stick comes to your table. Got myself some soup and cooked rice as a side meal. The variation of food is incredible, as expected of the Japanese kitchen. Veggies, meat, fish, rice, cheese, or even deep fried fruit. There was nothing I did not like but I got full after a while. Leaving food behind is not proper, but I cannot help it. At some stores you even have to pay double for the remaining food. After this delight we went back home while it is still raining. Manga of the day: Maken-ki. Need rest for my new club tomorrow so I have to say good night now. Bye bye!

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