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Ack, this does not feel comfortable. Woke up with lights on, the AC still on and still wearing my uniform. Guess I was really tired yesterday, although I did not do that much. Is it really the lack of caffeine I am used to? Talking about caffeine, they should really introduce Red Bull to the Japanese, as I heard that they already hardly sleep. By the way, I forgot to say this but toilets in Japan are fantastic. They all have this bidet function, and some toilets are heated or automatically flush when you stand up.

Today was an unplanned day so I did not really know what to do. So I thought of a mission. The answer was clear: I have to make a schedule. Nine of the thirteen remaining days are still unplanned so I want to fix that up as soon as possible. After a relaxing long breakfast and reading some manga, I left for school with some eventual PE clothes.

It was not needed though, as I was just walking around looking at what would be interesting for me. Met some classmates who I have not seen for quite a long time. I have visited the basketball club, but one member actually dared to day I should not join as it would be very tiring. “I said nothing, okay?” as he left again. I also looked at the volleyball club but that was mostly practice. Handball looked pretty interesting to me so kept that in mind.

When I walked into the table tennis club, the teacher rushed to me and asked if I wanted to try it out for a few minutes. I am bad at declining offers. I got beat, hard. It is no surprise, Japanese appear to be very good at this and at baseball. When I saw the baseball training I seriously lost all my motivation.

More and more clubs are scratched away and only a few remain. I do not want to continue kendo as I said before and somehow I cannot seem to meet the Aikido club. I do not hate aikido but there is too much physical contact for me. Most cultural clubs have only one or two periods of activities per week so that does not help as well. Rugby is also no go, and soccer seems to be on a field trip.

Well then, what remains. I kept looking at the tennis club. Thinking of it, I have never done serious tennis before. Normal tennis is too busy with matches, so I got to see soft tennis. Even here they split the boys from the girls as if there is such a huge difference. But I got a bit interested the previous time as well. I know none of the guys but that is no problem. The problem is….

Indeed, the schedule. There is only one time to play with the guys and that is Friday. Afterwards the girls team apparently has a training camp at school. “Why don’t you participate in the girls team and show off your skills”, the soft tennis teacher said. Wait, he is practically giving me this golden opportunity, how can I leave that behind.
On my way home I wanted to shop a little bit. Got some inarizushi which is my favourite sushi. The peace was disturbed after a police agent told me I had to park my bicycle and show my passport. I was really trembling. Apparently they thought I rode a stolen bicycle…As the original lock was broken. But they let me go after some kind of phone call.

So my planning is finally almost completed as my schedule now only has one or two spots for other unplanned events. It is actually getting too full now. Irie-sensei also has something in mind for me but she will search for me at school the day after tomorrow. I am glad everything is working out fine. I only have to help the family out some more and finish up the schedule and I can have lots of fun with no problem. Dinner was simply curry tonight. I want to have a good rest for tomorrow, although I have no idea what Naohide has in mind, but everything seems fine. I needed to speak with him anyway.

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