Money: ¥9.887

I am behind with writing this day in my diary so I might miss some vital information. I woke up early because I was not allowed to miss the train. I used the shower in the morning but I did not know everyone does that, so I had to hurry up before everyone would be late because of me. As I had to hurry up a little, I toast some bread with salad, ate some fruit, and left for Korien.

And here I thought I could read such maps. My mistake, I cannot. Or maybe I can but I just made a bad mistake. Going to opposite way is surely not just an accident. I think I could have gotten it right if I were not in such a hurry. Too used to go towards Kyoto, so I took the train towards Demachiyagani, but I actually had to go to Kyobashi, and switch to the Osaka Monorail once I got to Kadoma-shi.

I actually had to pick up Stefan at Kadoma-shi, but as I thought, he was already on the monorail train when I arrived. It was expansive to go to Yamada, 420 yen. Not only that, but after Stefan and I met up at the wickets, it appears that the YFU staff was also too late. But she took nice care of us now and later. For now, she brought us to the Senri High School.

Luckily we got our fare expenses reimbursed at the Senri High School after a signature. As I thought, the dilemma of our names arises again. I am getting really tired of that, they might as well call me Chrouya. Yeah, I think I will get the feeling of living in an anime more if I would actually do that…Alas, I am not that delusional, so I said nothing. So there were six foreign students including us, and one exchange student of the high school itself.

Stefan was not really too happy about today, as he had to cancel his trip to Kyoto with his classmates for this. Ah, I am a bit jealous at his larger amount of clubless classmates. I am still quite lost what to do to be honest. Anyway, the program started at ten. A little introduction from us foreign students and the junior high students had to select the right flag in order to be the group of the designated foreign student. I was in group D, the smallest one. Cannot tell if it is nice or not.

We started with Fruits Basket, I immediately thought of the anime with the same name, but of course it originates from this oh-so-original game. One person is the oni (devil), the rest sits on chairs in a circle. The oni tells something other people like/wear/have/do, and those persons have to switch chairs and the oni goes to a seat as well. And so, the one without a chair becomes the next oni. It was all in English, so it is quite hard for those Japanese.

After a small break, I had to give a talk to my own group. The teacher did not mind me doing it in Japanese, so the students were quite lucky. After my – very boring – presentation it was up for the Japanese to show me typical Japanese culture. Jan-ken-pon, origami, New Year’s food, traditional folkdance and these knitted bags with beans in it that you juggle with.

The second group wanted me to do the talk in English, so I did it as easy as I could. I do not think they would understand a lot anyway. In the end we had a small quiz where I seriously had to facepalm at my group. We went from last to third in the last question though. How bashful can they be!

We ate at CoCos with the remaining second year students. Got some chicken steak which was very delicious and what’s more. YFU paid everything. So I guess it was worth it. When I got home again I did not do much interesting. Such times come and go. Dinner looked Dutch again, but with a lot of Japanese dishes. Once in my bed, I went off to dreamland.

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