Money: ¥10.192

Two weeks remaining. Many days are still unplanned which is sad…Ouch! Oh sorry, that is my skin that hurts because it got burnt yesterday. I should have brought some sunburn protection cream back then. Oh well, I cannot help it now. Not only am I in pain, I am also exhausted. Six hours of extreme cycling was too much for my body. That is not a good sign for today’s final kendo practice. Got up at eight, prepared for today and left home at 9:10.

I was late. I guess 9:30 means they start at 9:30 and not that you gather up at that time. So while I put on the hakama, I missed the usual kendo and muscles practices, but as my physical condition sucks at the moment, I guess it is okay. Today there was no one to teach me to do different types of swings, so that was quite troublesome. I immediately had to put on the helmet which became unbearable because of the heat. Well, not only the heat. The men was a bit too large for me as well, I think. After a couple of exercises my head and my arms hurt. To avoid danger I went out of the active circle for a rest.

It is not really a rest. It is more like a give up. There was hardly any strength in my body. I realized that this sport might be fun to watch but that I am not suited for it. Just let me go to the science stream or something you do not use your body too much with. I do want to see the baseball level though. Apparently Neyagawa High School’s team is one of the weakest ones around there, but even that would be too much for me. I actually wonder how a training camp would be. Sounds like fun, but also very hard.

The remaining time I just practised my kendo basics over and over again, as I always have these small mistakes and bad habits. I do not really care about Stefan before more talented at it. He is simply more suited for it, I am sure. Also, I kind of see he hides his real personality in front of everyone because he is unable to express his feelings in Japanese, I think.

I do not know. When I start realizing I am bad at something, I tend to sulk about things that are not even trivial. Watching kendo stays fun though, I told my last farewells to my kendo mates and left for the library, I had to use the library for printing my preparations for tomorrow. I have actually no clue what to talk about when it comes to the Netherlands. I just made a list and I hope it works. It is meant for Junior High students at Senri High School, so it does not have to be that complicated. Or rather, it must not.

Two random onigiri and a carton of fruit milk on the way home. One litre for only 105 yen is quite the bargain in my eyes. Yesterday I got juice for 84 yen though. In some cases, they can be cheap, but it is not always so. When I came home, Shinji was already… Awake. He has a long weekend off, so he acts a lot like me and lives in front of the PC. As my host parents went out, they gave me an instant meal and a schedule for tomorrow.

Got in contact with my parents, but also with my brother. Talking with him felt very relieving, but it wakes the feeling of missing my own home, family, friend and activities. Then, the important question: Is the Japanese life similar to anime? I am serious not sure about that yet. There might be resembling things, but I never get the feeling of: “Wow, I am living inside an anime”. Nope, I will just leave that to my fantasy.

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