Money: ¥10.507

It is nine o’clock in the morning, supposed to be the meeting time at the Neyagawa High School, but no. I woke up at this time, as I quite overslept…again. Got myself a frozen bottle of tea, a towel and my usual hat, but I knew I should have brought more drinks. So after a small breakfast, I went to the meeting place, just to hear I am not the only one who had overslept. It was Yakushi. He came more or less prepared, but without a hat. I wonder if he will be OK.

So Nara is quite far away, about three hours by bike. But yeah, it is possible, so why not give it a try. After a small hour of small hills we take a break at the one and only vending machine in the vicinity. My tea was still frozen solid so I bought some Pepsi Zero to regain some energy. Man, I have to say this is already a hard path. I am slowly turning even more brown compared to my normal brown pigment.

Brown…Rather red. I think I burnt myself pretty much. Even so, we continued our trip. Our next destination was a convenience store, but it was on the other side of a mountain. So yeah, this time we decided to walk along this path up, as it was way too crushing, added up with the heat. After a tunnel through the mountain, we had to watch our speed as we glided downhill. At 11:00 AM we arrived at the store, apparently one hour behind schedule. We are at about one-third of the route and I am already running out of drinks. So there pauses were really meant for restocking.

I do not think the trip itself is not so interesting to hear. To fasten things up, I will just say there were a lot of hills as we passed Saidai and Gakuenmae Station in Nara. I learnt the new word “shindoi” which means exhausting. Got something called kamatama udon for lunch, that did not have any soup, but it was really good so that is fine too.

So now we are in Nara. The weather is really killing us as it is around 35 degrees Celsius in the shadows in the afternoon. We went to the Nara Park because you can see a lot of historical monuments in here. But not only monuments, we got to meet deer…Lots of ‘em. They are called Sika deer, the Japanese variant. You can buy them rice crackers (senbei) to lure and feed them, but for 150 I passed. I got a photo with me and a deer though. Somehow this scene reminds me of Lucky Star.

Anyway, one of the highlights of today was Toudai-ji, the largest wooden building in the world, and houses the world’s largest bronze statue of the Great Buddha. It is really large and it also has quite a lot of activities. It is all filmed on video, so you can see what I have done. I have also gone to Yakushi-ji, another World Heritage Side and also an imperial and ancient Buddhist temple. I guess we can say this visit was nice for our friend Yakushi. We also went to Koufuku-ji, a nice place to make pictures in my opinion.

Yeah, Nara is famous because of its huge amount of large, imperial, ancient and renowned World Heritage Sites. But Kyoto is apparently the same in some parts. The first time was more or less window shopping and enjoying the Japanese life, so I hope we can go sightseeing the next time we go to Kyoto. If there is a next time.

Ugh, we also had to go back home by bike, what was a huge pain. Only Yakushi was able to endure the climbing. Maybe it is because he was on his bike, while we went on foot. We made a stop at some warehouse where everything was really cheap, yay! Came home late at 9 PM but luckily the food was still hot when I came into the room. It is food I have already had before, so I need not tell you again. Afterwards I went to bed and slept like a log. I think I need it after cycling for 6 hours. Not to mention I have my last kendo practice tomorrow…

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