Money: ¥11.974

Today was quite a lazy day but I do not really mind. Woke up at 11:00 AM, when the mechanic finally came to fix our gas control and when Kei’s mother came by for a visit. Ate the last part of the watermelon and yet another toast before going out to town for the second time. I actually wanted to use the shower but I was not allowed to use the shower.

This time I did not go to Kourien, but I went to the Neyagawa Station instead because I knew there were some interesting shops out there. Although I did not know where to search first. I did find a supermarket I fell in love with: FREST. Finally, a place where the prices are reasonably low. Got some soba nigiri and fruit milk to last the afternoon with.

Went to another direction were I found some other handy shops I might want to visit later. This time a barber doing haircuts under 1000 yen which is very cheap, but I am not really sure if I want to get a haircut. Maybe near the end. I also bought some souvenirs at a 100 yen shop. There are a lot of 100 yen shops around but do not be tricked! There might be a chance that you will buy something that was actually worth less! Luckily I got a bit experience with prices because I have been working at the supermarket in the Netherlands. But it is still difficult to keep the courses in mind. You cannot say 1 euro is 100 yen that easily. Note that it there is a euro crisis going on in 2011, so saying that 1 euro equal 100 yen is not that hard anymore.

Before I went home I saw a small shrine but there are a lot of shrines in the middle of a city. Now I think about it, I haven’t seen a shrine maiden so far. I also went to the bookstore to realize that I am not yet allowed to buy 18+ manga yet. Stupid laws are really serious here. Just like drinking alcoholic beverages is allowed from age 20.

Had to take a quick shower because it was almost time to pick up Stefan. Ate a rice burger which my host mother commented on: “Sorry, but in Japan you eat almost everything with rice…and if not, it is probably a dish with noodles in it.” But rice is awesome, so making a rice burger with teriyaki in it does not change my mind.

After picking up Stefan and going to Tenmabashi, we saw the small stands. It made me remind me of all those anime with such events. Many stands do the same, and the games have a low scoring chance. It gives a little lame feeling, but if it is fun, why not. Because cooled drink stands were expansive, we bought our drinks at a vending machine some streets further. It saved us 200 yen.

We watched some kind of parade, what I recorded on video. We had to wait long for it though, but I am glad I was able to see it. After seeing the stands, we also visited some. Masaharu and Stefan ate okonomiyaki, I ate takoyaki. For your information, that is octopus. It is really nice, believe me. I also got to try and shoot down an item with five attempts, but I failed horribly. Reality is harsh compared to anime. I also thought about a certain anime when eating a choco-banana (Da Capo). I also ate Turkish soft ice because another YFU-student recommended it, but it did not taste too different from the soft ice I usually have in the Netherlands…

When we got home, it was actually already time to go to bed, but I did not feel like doing that at all. Instead, I am listening to my new favourite anime opening song from Clannad ~After Story~ while reading Mitsudomoe in English. If there’s time left, I will read AI ga Tomaranai afterwards. Of course I check my email as well. Preparing a towel, sunglasses and tea for tomorrow’s trip. Nighty night.

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