Money: ¥15.211

Ugh, I am doing something that I fail at back in the Netherlands. Indeed, planning and making schedules. It is needed because I still want to go to a lot of places, but time is running out. I am past half of my trip now, but currently I have no regrets of only going for five weeks. This way I can taste the Japanese culture without missing out on my hobbies for too much. I guess I should go back next time when I do know some more kanji and have some money. I am not sure what to do next summer vacation. Get a driver’s license or go backpacking in Japan. Both are very important for my future.

Kendo, I wonder why almost no one does it outside Japan. It is totally not the same as fencing, and it makes you look cool. As long as you do not do it with a bent back like I do. Somehow I am always too hasty…I guess that lies in my personality.

Terms in kendo are really hard to remember. It starts with a bow, followed by physical exercises and basic kendo exercises. The normal frontal slashes, diagonal slashes, fast ones…Like I said before. However, I did not do anything much except for movement. Suriashi is the movement as in going forward, backward, etc. You do not need to tilt up your feet as you slide them. Fumikomi is a leaping move that is used as a starter for every match in kendo.

Brought food with me in case I get hungry, but I already met up with the others before that time came. I waited for half an hour, but apparently Naohide sent a delaying email in the midst of the night. I totally forgot about lunching even though I was waiting for so long. We went straight to the karaoke box to sing for Naohide’s birthday.

And did we sing a lot. The major advantage of karaoke are the free drinks. It is a bit abusable I think. In total we sang for 4,5 hours. We started with national anthem, that Naohide scored a whopping 95 points on out of 100. No one got near that perfect score in the end.

There are really a lot of songs, more than a million I assumed. I wonder if you readers have heard of the Nico Nico Medley before. If not, you should listen to it. I note it because we sang most of the songs that appear in that medley. Even Touhou music from IOSYS is in it, like “Marisa stole a precious thing” or “Cirno’s Perfect Math Class.”

Apparently it is cool when I sing English songs. I somehow feel a bit sad as they cannot sing with me, although they did try to sing the Umineko no Naku Koro ni opening….which is mostly Italian! Oh well, we averaged a score of 75 points in total, so we did not sing that bad. Somehow Ikeda was in a disastrous mood and he even went for his PSP to play Disgaea 2 a couple of hours later.

It was a lot of fun! I kind of want to go again… But there are still other plans. August 4th, it is time for Nipponbashi, Osaka’s Akihabara. For people who do not know of Akihabara: It is the place for anime geeks. When I got home it was already time for dinner: Hamburgers! Potatoes! …Tofu? Delicious nonetheless! Checked my email to see I got 14 new emails in one evening. Sagiya still says she wants to play games with me and Ikeda. But I am busy every Sunday. What a bad luck…Grr, clubs.

In the night we watched The Vampire’s Assistant, which was really awesome. Too bad there is also a part 2, but it seems that part has not released yet. I did not know that so I hoped it was available for lend at the library where my mom works. Oh, and by the way…she hates reading…as a librarian…

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