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My hands and feet hurt. Kendo sure is tougher than I expected. The morning started off slowly, with nobody at home except for me. Scavenged some bread with meat and cheese inside it. As ever, I am not too good at taking care of myself in another house. This day was not too interesting in my opinion.

So kendo started at 9:30 AM. I was pretty early, yet most of the people were already present. I brought one bottle of water with me but it was not enough for three hours of practice. This time’s training did not include the real training but more or less the movements and other basics. To be honest, I such at this, but I still want to try my best. Putting on the hakama seems like no trouble aside for tying it on my back.

We put the “dou” (armour) on, but not the “men” (helmet), as that is more meant for one-on-one training. But before the training, there is some kind of formal greeting for the dojo. A lot of rules are connected. Then, the muscle practices. ‘Ichi ni san shi, go roku shichi hachi’. Afterwards, basics training, normal slashes, deep slashes, fast slashes and crossed slashes. I cannot remember the Japanese names. Of course, when doing these slashes, you have to move according to the kendo basics. It is more or less sliding over the floor.

100 or more times. In other words, quite tiring. I get hurt quite badly because I am not used to move that much with my not-so-strong body. Luckily there are breaks as well. Kendo is pretty much repeating the basics until you get used to them without pain. When you get well enough, you can do one-on-one training with others. We did not do them yet. The level looks way higher as well…

I do not really have much to say about kendo except that it is really exhausting and hot. Try it yourself. Three hours is already long for me, and I think I would get a bit bored if I had to do it any longer. In the end, the club director came in to see how well we were doing. There are a lot of different kinds of training with a partner, so it seems there is always something to do. At the end, there is the usual tradition of lots of bowing and saying “Arigatou gozaimasu. Shitsurei shimasu.” (Thank you, I will be taking my leave now)

Everyone was going home so I guess I should go home as well. I really do not know what to do when I am home though. But I have no other choice. Before I left school I got some DVDs containing the recordings of the Chorus Concours. I decided to watch them at home and I am glad my self-introduction is on it as well.

Time is slowly going by again, and I got really hungry. I decided to make something, but knowing myself, it horribly failed. By the time I finished preparing my ‘instant’ yakisoba, it was already cold…Boohoo. Before I know it, we had our dinner. Today it was very simple: Meat with rice and leftovers from yesterday. Fruit of the day: Watermelon. Snack of the day: Some kind of flavoured potato chips. Do not know what flavour.

So we decided to watch my play tonight. They had a lot of comments about it, mainly that I was really acting my “role” in the play, and that we all did not know that well what the story was about. Too much crowd pleasers in it, maybe. My mom was rather laughing at how bad it actually is. Going to take a shower now and try to read my manga. I am still wondering what I should do on days I have no schedule. Maybe I should wish for some action to my miçanga.

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