Money: ¥18.021

Today’s schedule was a bit more different than I had imagined. As always it starts with bread. Brought a bag full of souvenirs with me for my classmates. Though they are nothing more than small magnets and key chains like wooden shoes, I just wanted to give them something so that they could remember me and the Netherlands.

School started without a teacher at all. Irie-sensei came in to give everyone today’s prints for Physics. But she left right afterwards. It is astonishing to see people work on it seriously and individually with no surveillance. They did not even allow me to give my souvenirs that time, so I waited for later. I thought I could take an interesting video at the beginning but I thought ‘Ah, never mind’, and stopped recording after the homeroom lesson started. By the way, Physics is really similar to the Dutch Physics lesson. They do not really have a sources booklet so doing advanced questions is quite impossible.

Here is when I got confused. My schedule says Math II A, so I thought like ‘ OK, I can handle this’, but it suddenly changed into Japanese Classics. Great. Afterwards it said Martial Arts Dance but it was actually Social Studies! Darn, at such a moment I did not want plans to change. I think Social Studies was about the ruling system in the past. The subject is really about everything, randomly.

Just like the end of the school festival, there was another ending ceremony before the beginning of the summer vacation. But yeah, club activities still continue and they still have homework to do anyway. Nevertheless, it stays hot and people were not really focussing on what was said…or so I believed. Of course, Stefan and I had to do a ‘thank you’ speech. When I started speaking a ruckus appeared out of nowhere. I thought I did something wrong, but classmates explained that no one expected such fluent Japanese so they were quite surprised.

After that ceremony, there was another thing I had to do for my classmates. Yes, my souvenirs, but then I heard another word I was not expecting: Cleaning. In Japan, there is no facility at school that cleans everything like we have here. Maybe they should start such a thing to increase the amount of jobs in Japan. So yeah, move all the tables away and start sweeping and washing.

Some kind of intermezzo. Finally I could have my final word and give my friends the souvenirs. Somehow I did have leftovers so I will share them with others I guess. After my word there was of course a response to that. I got a plate with everyone’s farewell message on it, a miçanga (a Japanese imported good luck charm), and lots of pictures. I am going to miss them.

Club activities for real now. Even though I call it for real, I did it Friday as well although now I do not feel as ‘guesty’. Guess what, Stefan joins the kendo club as well! Now I feel an irritating loss because he is physically a lot stronger than I am. And as I expected, he got on par with me after this day. Oh, and my head pretty much hurts even though you have quite strong armour. I guess you have to get used to it. Just like swinging the bamboo blade.

I am really tired right now, but luckily Kendo starts at 9:30 in the vacation, so I can sleep a bit more tonight. Mom was not home yet so I was on the laptop email my classmates. I have sent over 50 emails so far. It is just like texting, but the Japanese do not really have that function. Dad prepared something only he likes to eat so that is not too much of a help. At the time we were eating “nabe” he was already sharing his ice cream. When the Tigers lost at baseball we went straight to bed. What an interesting father. Tomorrow is kendo and I have no idea what to do afterwards…

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