Money: ¥18.031

Today my wallet hurts like hell, but the experiences were like heaven. An equivalent trade, as they say. It seems for the first time that me being nice has its backfires. Masaharu and Maaya were quite mean to me at the end, but they were just playing games with me as friends. But they went further than I thought, so it got a bit on my nerves. I guess this is one of those subjects where you can be ‘too nice’, so you are rather defenceless. I do not call myself a chicken, I am rather a pacifist.

So yeah, I went to USJ with those two. My host family insisted we should talk English, but it was impossible as assumed. Because everything is probably expansive in USJ, we bought food and drinks beforehand. USJ is hilariously located in Universal City. Ah, the beginning of the pain, the tickets. Total fare costs were 980 yen, but the USJ was 6100 yen. Dinner was 1239 yen and souvenirs were 950 yen. Ouch.

It was less populated than ever, apparently because of the endless hot weather. We could ride in lots of attractions like that. First stop was Back to the Future ~ The Ride. An interesting simulator but somehow it felt like something was missing…something like interaction.

Next stop was the infamous Shrek 4D movie. Although using the term 4D is not really scientifically correct as it is not totally about “feeling” the objects of the movie, but I am not going to be picky. The water used was really nice as it was hot weather, but it also felt gross because it came out of Donkey’s nose. I know it is fake, but taking it serious is also part of the fun!

Time for a rollercoaster. There are hardly any coasters in this theme park so they are probably worth the try. Maaya skipped out because she was quite frightened . This coaster called Hollywood Dream, was high and fast but not comparable with the once back in the Netherlands and in France. Plus one for Disneyland?

Variation is also good in my opinion. Alright, Jaws is up now. Ate my chaahan onigiri (rice ball) and I found out it has the same taste as the Chinese cooked rice I normally eat, so I can always fall back on known food if I feel bad. Jaws was something like an automatic tour attraction. We ate ice cream afterwards that had a really nostalgic taste; with those crackling stuff in it that makes noise inside your mouth when you eat them.

After that it was time for my favourite attraction of the day: “The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman ~ The Ride” . This was a simulation combined with 3D glasses, which caused a pretty serious feeling as if it were real. It was kind of nice to see all the baddies of Spiderman again as well. Aside for Kingpin, he is an exception. I like Marvel though, no matter what happens. Ahh, if only I could take videos where you could see how awesome it is.

Waiting times today were not that bad, I have heard. The latest attraction still had a waiting time of one hour….Sadly, that only increased to 1,5 hours in the end. This one seems to be in Japan only. Even though it was a coaster, Maaya joined us. We thought that the ride was not that scary. In the end we still thought so but Maaya thought different. She was terribly shaking and scared, grabbing my arm while in the ride…I felt kind of sorry for her. Oh, maybe she was pestering me because I had seen one of her bad sides maybe. Japanese people sure think fast.

However, they constantly ask me what I want to do, but I have no clue since this is my first time here, unlike for Masaharu. It was his fifth time today. We visited the last and smallest coaster called Snoopy’s Great Race. It was rather for children so it was not that interesting for me. And yet we waited 30 minutes for it.

As a final event we went to the Universal Monster Live Rock and Roll Show, including baddies like Beetlejuice, Dracula, Frankenstein and his Bride, and Wolfman. And what they did is pretty much what the title said. They performed for a few songs, that were quite nostalgic for me. For example: It’s raining men.

Tomorrow is school so we could not stay for too long. Maaya took a lot of pictures. I suggest you search for her on if you want to see them. Anyway, as I always like to experience some new things, this time it was the first time that I ate ome-rice, with pork cutlets. It was really amazing so I even made some pictures of it.
That was pretty much it. Much walking and talking so I am pretty tired at the moment. YFU called today and has yet another event planned for me…but not that I mind. I am still confused about what to do when summer vacation will begin. But we will see about that tomorrow. So until that time, good night.

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