Money: ¥28.457

So I just found I can convert kanji into kana, what makes my electric dictionary totally worth the buy. That aside, I could finally sleep for a long time again. I am not as tired as before, so I automatically change my sleeping patterns. It is still in favour of the night though, as I am writing this around 1 AM.

First breakfast. Toasts again. I am starting to like kiwis from now on. I also tried a normal “taiyaki” (fish-shaped cake) I bought yesterday. It is delicious…however the taste did not do much to me. But yeah, I could eat lots of them aside the price being 137 yen each. After sending some emails,. I left for the shopping centre.

So my first destination was Home’s. One big warehouse with lots of different shops. The first thing I noticed was the very calm piano music in the background while I was checking out some stuff. I bought a souvenir for my own mother which cost me 4.000 yen but I am sure she will like it. I just walked around to see if there were any other interesting things. Checked out the 3D televisions once again. On my way out I got quite hungry so I decided to buy some specific Japanese goods. Ramune with Melon bread. Sounds good to me.

Next destination: the shopping street near the closest station, Kourien. But first I had a small peek at yet another warehouse called Alplaza. Guess what, they do have a universal ATM here, my card finally works somewhere! Withdrawn 10.000 yen at the spot, to be sure I do not run out. Now I am at the station but I am not really sure what to do right now.

Bought a second taiyaki but now with custard in it. Although in the heat you do not quite taste a thing, it is still delicious nonetheless. After a small eating break I got myself a cola pet bottle because I was thirsty. So now I went to inspect the stores. Visited the game centre, but unfortunately the games I searched for were not there, like Blazblue or Melty Blood. Tried a UFO catcher one time but I horrendously failed. The items you can win are interesting though. And Hatsune Miku stays famous.

Got some more interesting stuff while I was cycling to the school I usually go to. As far as I can remember, there is a 100 yen store in the neighbourhood. Got some strawberry Pocky, but I actually wanted a paper fan. The clerk told me they do not sell fans here which was sad.

My final destination, I doubt the last, was the bookstore Book-off. Went to the OST section but I did not find any interesting ones. Out of the shounen bargain manga, I bought eight volumes of “AI ga Tomaranai” (by Akamatsu Ken) for a mere 700 yen, something quite the buy. It has furigana, so I can use this as a way to remember the readings of kanji.

It is very late now so I am going home, but I am sure I will go again some other time. Sunday is a day when mom does not cook, so we always have to find alternatives. This time we had chosen for Kuon, but because that had a too long waiting time, we went to a nearby ‘ramen’ restaurant. I ordered half a portion of “beef with ussari-ramen” but I could not even finish that. What a pity.

Tomorrow is the day I, Masaharu and Maaya are going to USJ so we will see how that ends up. My classmates all have no time or money. Going to read my manga for a bit and then I will sleep. Good night!

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