Money: ¥23.907

I take back yesterday’s comment because today’s start was quite similar to yesterday…Toast with only a different preparation. Not that I really care though, as long as it is delicious. Today I had kiwis instead of pomegranates.

Somehow my HR teacher Irie-sensei is surprised that I attend to all lessons. I do not have to follow them all, like I could sit in the library if I want to…But obviously I do not. I rather sit in the classroom and understand nothing than sit in the library and be forever alone. Maybe they are not taking me serious enough. I know I am just a guest, but they do not always have to treat me like one.

English I: No comment. It is really like the English class we normally have. Everyone sat with open mouths as I had a turn to read some lines out loud. I do think a lot of abundant subjects are being highlighted. I could do the hand-outs that were given though. “Be sure to”, “take care of”, “as long as”, are the examples of the English grammar of the day.

Social studies and Japanese classics did not really surprise me by the fact that I did not understand what they were talking about at all. Today social studies were about gasses and fuel. Or rather about the way vehicles drove in the past. See, I am not even sure what the lesson was about. Japanese classics this time were not about translating a story, but instead the method and the grammar you need to know. Old Japanese is difficult to read, even for the Japanese themselves. It is all about the word order and the different kind of character usage.

At the cafeteria I ate a log of stuff, because I wanted to try out a lot of dishes. Or actually, I went for some alternatives because I did not like the recommended dish of the week: Hayashi udon-soba. I guess soba means cold, and hayashi something like another way of saying lots of vegetables it seems. I tried to eat it but effort has a limit. After a while I gave up and bought some French fries with a chicken croquette.

Home economics seems very useless. I asked Tsukki and he immediately agreed. Most people do not even pay attention. I guess this subject is important in Japan, as most of the Japanese are very sensitive to weight en health. I guess I already knew that from my host parents. Math 2A was a continuation from last Wednesday, and if I could explain in Japanese, I would’ve scored full points as my answers were all correct. I guess I really should’ve been in second grade here, I think. Although I would not have met my cheerful classmates.

Kamiru was very happy that I joined her club, which heavily focuses on kendo. I love the “hakama” (traditional Japanese clothing) we have to wear. Not really much to say about kendo, other than ‘It is very Japanese and very tiring’. I suggest you go look around on the Internet for a better explanation. It is a sports with “shinai” (bamboo swords). Interested?

I came home around 18:20 so there was dinner already waiting. This system is not all that bad. You kind of lose your own spare time, but it does not matter if you like to do sports. As I have done my best, my mom tried to make a Dutch supper. It was delicious and it did look Dutch, aside for it being prepared the Japanese way. So let us forget the usual bowl of rice, okay?

There was a final thunderstorm at night, which caused a shortage over here, but the damage was not that bad. However, the hot water supply did malfunction and had to be fixed. I did not care too much about the hot water because me being drenched in sweat is way worse. A cold shower is fine too.

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