Money: ¥37.270

Today started off with toasts and pomegranates. Somehow every day starts with something different. Of course I do not mind it. My mom gives me money to buy food in the cafeteria instead of making a bento (lunchbox) because apparently those become bad really fast. Today I forgot to take the money but luckily I have enough money myself.

Math I, something I do understand. The inequalities from before. I got half of the quiz right, but some questions I just cannot understand. In some cases, they learn stuff we haven’t learnt at our school at all. For example: ax²+bx+c. In this case, x=-b /2a and the top is (-b/2a, -(b²-4ac)/4a) according to the formula y=a(x+b/2a)-((b²-4ac)/4a). Or to find the top where D < 0. It is already starting to sound difficult, right?

World history stays more difficult. This time I understood less than last time. Apparently it was about the influence of the Catholic Church and the Islam that spread across the world. Even with my electric dictionary, it was no use to try and understand.

Chemistry was something easy for once. The problems are all easy because they do not use an advanced calculator or a book with chemical information like the Dutch students have. It seems they are at the part of changing litres into grams or mol. But I am wiser than the rest – as I am one grade above them – so I think I am rather obliged to know the answers. As there was only a twenty minute break because we are going to watch a professional play now, I had to hurry up with my food. Today I chose curry with pork cutlet(“tonkatsu”) and a bottle of coke. Everyone was surprised when I said I drink this every day in the Netherlands. I know it is kind of bad however.

The play was in the same building as the chorus concours back then. It was really great; they managed to act for two whole hours with only one scene. As expected of professional actors. I myself could not understand much of the story though. Apparently it is about judging a crime scene and deciding whether the accused in question was innocent or not. After a lot of argument, he is claimed innocent.

After going back to school, I walked around with Morita-sensei to look at what the clubs are doing. A lot of changes in my way of thinking. Like Manga Kenkyuu, that has a mere 6 members what would be quite boring. Now my top three is: Kendo, Yakyuu, Tennis. Although many people do not recommend Kendo because it is really hard, I still want to do it.

I got home quite late. That is because my bicycle’s lock got stuck when I wanted to go home. I was late at school because I had a long discussion with Morita. I have to watch out for this Tuesday’s school newspaper. Apparently our stories will be in it.
Today’s dinner was “udon” (thick noodles) with a lot of leftovers and…pumpkin. It tastes a bit like sour potatoes. Afterwards we watched Benjamin Button in English with Japanese subtitles, so both Masaharu and I could watch the movie. It was quite touching, but especially interesting. Instead of reversed life, everlasting life would be more wishful though.

As it is very late now, I am going to sleep. I might want to apply for Kendo since it is typically Japanese. Still two days of school remaining, which is quite sad. I want to play more!

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