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Today was a tiresome day. A bit puzzled because of yesterday, but right now I feel more refreshed than ever. It started off with mango and hot rice, that you eat with a spoon instead of chopsticks. Lately I have become quite handy with them. And so habits come and go, I guess. I had to pack a swimming bag for PE as well today.

First class: Japanese. A quiz at the beginning which was apparently for remembering “kanji”. As you would expect, zero points. OK, I really have to cram those at home. In this lesson I feel like there is nothing interesting happening aside for reading texts…I guess it is the same as Dutch in a Dutch school. And then, it was time: Swimming lessons! It felt rather… Nostalgic. Everybody changing into their swimming wear. Not for the anime watchers out there, no school swimsuits, but only standard ones you see everywhere.

So this lesson was 60 minutes full of breaststroke. I had to borrow a swimming cap and goggles every time. Man, what is swimming exhausting. I am complaining because I am just that bad at swimming. For example, I did 26:12 over 25 metres. It’s bad, and that was my best time too. I felt ashamed of myself, but I just wanted to do this once. The last time I had swimming lessons was probably seven years ago.

Math II also started with a quiz which seemed easy at first. When I saw the test though, I did not really know what it was about…but I think I understand it now. It is all explained on a hand-out I got here. But yeah, it is all in Japanese. If I could speak and read Japanese fluently I could get a full score, but alas.

English is apparently divided into several subjects, reading and grammar. Here they really train the pronunciation of words. But for the Japanese I guess it is still too difficult. I once had to correct the teacher because she did not know how to pronounce the word “govern”. Well it is a stupid word nonetheless. There was yet another quiz this period but this time I was able to participate. Got seven out of ten correct by guessing most of the learnt words. Once again if it weren’t for that meddling kanji! The rest of the lesson seemed quite the same as our usual English class, but I think we do more practical stuff rather than just memorising words and pronunciations. (Eh, what do you mean, Wordfile? What is that?)

Social Studies is a bit different than I had imagined. Because the Dutch also have a subject with the same name, I thought it would be exactly the same, but no. Our Dutch social studies mean mostly political dilemmas and ethnic problems. But the Japanese version is very much comparable with the Dutch subject called ANW. Simply said: Random information about the Earth. Did not follow it that much but I understood the main subject.

At the end I went to the library to write for the school newspaper about my Dutch school life. You can see it in my scans. It is in both English and Japanese, so if you want to train Japanese, now is your chance!

…Ugh, I am very tired but as Masaharu wanted to watch Summer Wars (a recent anime movie), I cannot deny that request and watched it together. It was really interesting and also very modern. I recommend you all to watch it some time. Oh, as dinner, we ate pasta for once. Spaghetti to be exact. The Japanese love foreign dishes as much as we do. It was delicious and nice for a change. Next mission for tomorrow: Club orientation! That is it for today. Stephan out.

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