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I love the night. Unfortunately I am always sleepy at that time and there are no subtitles with the shows over here. Not to mention I still do not know how TV schedules work. It looks like a total mess when I look in the newspapers. Just like traffic, where it does not even matter if you cycle left or right. I guess it is all right because of the rumoured Japanese reflexes? I do not know.

Today I have not done anything special. I think this is one of those moments where you ponder about everything. A time where you wish to resume your former hobbies. A time where…You just don’t feel so well. Yet it is not the same as being homesick.

It is good to have some rest for the mind once in a while. I wanted to go and see how Neyagawa looks like, but in the end I had no time. I was too busy fixing up my online blog. After a while I just quit because it took way too long. Note that I accidentally removed all the content of my blog once when I was back home, which caused a great depression. Anyway, it feels as if this day is quite a waste, but everything is an experience. I now decided to use the computer less to avoid falling back to former feelings. Currently I will only use the PC to talk to friends related to Japan.

It is something the YFU-director of the Netherlands warned us for. This was a downer, but it will make you stronger. I think this will happen in the future as well. Of course there is a time I run out of ideas. My stress vent would be via the Internet, or via classmates. My teacher Religion back in the Netherlands told me this:

“It is good to have the ideal of having no opinion about the culture you are about to experience, but it is most likely inevitable that you will give opinions to things from your own real self in times when it is necessary. And that is not a bad thing at all. Downsides of a trip shows parts of your real self. If this exchange program is meant as self-realisation aside tasting the Japanese culture, then you will probably see it yourself as well. It is amazing how you can see yourself change at such a fast pace.

So today I slept quite well, at some toasts and pasta, Japanese love foreign food as well, which is quite a good thing I think. Afterwards it was mostly blogging and chatting. I still feel bad about it. I want to make this day a bit more lively, so I finally started to sort out my souvenirs as in what to give to my family and what to my friends and acquaintances. For now I gave the vase with flowers as it was obvious who to give those large items to.

Hmm. Today’s dinner was more vegetable based food again, but I could quite digest it this time. The miso soup was okay, but this time I did have troubles with food I do know, I guess that can stay the same. Tomorrow I have to swim for PE lessons. It sounds like a lot of fun. I am mentally tired now, so I am going to sleep. Maybe you have noticed it because of my very simple and broken English. Oh well, let us explore the surroundings some other time. Until then, good night!

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