Money: ¥23.957

Woke up at half three just to see the Netherlands lose against Spain in the grand finals of soccer. The decisive goal in the 116th minute. I will probably hear something like “zannen” (too bad) when I go to school. And what is with nine yellow cards anyway. Obviously I went to bed straight afterwards at 6 AM. Want to go gaming at Naohide’s at 1 PM so I would like to be awake by then.

Home alone for the second time. Learnt how to take care of myself makes me feel a bit proud but lonely. In any case, Naohide’s house is really close to the high school I am attending to. I guess there will be timing for another meet-up later on perhaps. In total we were with the six of us at his house, playing Super Smash Brothers Brawl and Mario Kart for the Wii.

Frankly, they were less strong than I had expected. They might be mentally stronger, they also have their weak points. So not all Japanese gamers are strong at fighting games. Fascinating. Sannohe and Ikeda were pretty much playing like my brother does, looking at their play styles. I do not really have anything to say to Mario Kart, wherein everyone can lose or win with equal chances.

In the afternoon we went outdoors to go to the karaoke but we lost interest when we heard we had to wait for 55 minutes before it was our turn. Since the bookstore was close, we went to read some manga instead. I guess reading manga is a normal activity for the youth in Japan. What I do like was that there was “furigana” (these show the pronunciation of Japanese characters) in almost every manga volume. Might buy some when I visit the bookstore again tomorrow.

What I did buy was an electric dictionary for 13.233 ten at the megastore. In the Netherlands, you might call such a department store the Media Markt, but this one is called Joshin and its popularity is seemingly equal. We went to the general store section just for some interesting window shopping afterwards. For example, goldfishes and rabbits…but also various kinds of insects. Japanese likings sure differ a lot.

Time flew and before we know it, it is already time to go home. I seem to remember paths quite better than I thought. As dinner we had something that consisted out of eggs, cabbage and meat. I forgot the name though, but it is very hype in Osaka. I think it was called Okonomiyaki.

In the night, an internet friend called David contacted me because he is currently in Japan as well, although he resides in Sendai instead of Osaka. We share the same experiences which is quite interesting. As I still have three weeks of holiday left, I think there is a chance for a meet-up some time.

It is pretty late right now so I am going to sleep. There is a lot to be done, but there is really little time. Until then, night night! My phone is still dead and I am not up anymore to configure it, as e-mailing to other mobile phones works in Japan. By the way, anime only runs in the evening till late in the night. Tomorrow Fairy Tail runs at 19:30; and now at 1:45, I am watching Strike Witches 2 live in my own room!

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