Money: ¥37.190

Seven in the morning. 7:30. And I am all alone at home. Everyone is still asleep. I felt lost because I already had to go in forty minutes. Even though I did not want to, I woke up my mother. She says she does not mind but I rather do. She explained to me what to do in such situations. It might come in handy in similar situation at home in the Netherlands…But they do not have a luxurious cafeteria there like they have here in Japanese schools.

So I still made it in time before the bell rand. At 9:30, the second and already final day had started. At the beginning I went together with Naohide again. We played some kind of card game which is similar to The Great Dalmuti, but with different symbols. I won the first 2 games, probably much against his expectations.

I also went to one of the two haunted houses. I could not help but laugh at the masks they made. The creepy mood completely disappeared when I heard the haunted house music from New Super Mario Bros. in the background. In the end, it is rather more surprising that scary. Surprising in the way that it is really well made. The other haunted house was apparently scarier, but I had no time for that one, unfortunately.

What I also found surprising is that Where’s Waldo is famous everywhere in the world. “Uorii wo Sagase” (Search for Wally) it is called in Japanese, and it was a large event in this festival. One class full of students wore pink t-shirts but only eight of them were really Waldos! There was also one special Waldo but we were tired out after finding just the eight of them. As a prize, I got two CDs of Touhou music remixes, quite rare items I must say. Habits just go on in this country. Just like playing Brawl that is moved to tomorrow because next weekend I am going out with friend and family to Universal Studios Japan.

In the afternoon, all the food was already sold out so I received an onigiri from Yuki to whom I am very grateful. I also tried going to a maid café to fill my stomach with…milk tea and curry-flavoured popcorn. I also took some photos when I had the chance.

The rain here is incredibly strong at the moment. Thinking of something we could do inside, I decided to watch a play with Haruka and Kana. It was called Sound of Music and it was really touching as a matter of fact. I am thinking of watching the real movie sometime.

Meanwhile, everyone was more or less tired. Back in the classroom we had to clean up but that was no problem. I was also in charge of cleaning. After that I was chatting a lot with my classmates and exchanged email addresses. I also taught them some English but I always recommend them to watch English shows without dubs. Near the end we took some pictures and there was a nice ending ceremony. Sadly, class 1-8 did not win a thing.

Because I was hungry, I bought some snacks at a 100 yen shop. I saw a broken umbrella which was still usable so I used it on the way home. It totally broke down afterwards. Tonight I had to make dinner with Masaharu. It was called Hayashi Rice. First time I got myself a seconds (okawari). Out of 100 points, I gave it an 80.

I explained my school system to my mom as it is quite severe compared to the Japanese system. It is very hard to explain something difficult without usage of English words. Got Masaharu to listen to Dutch songs as well. Anyway, we’re going to wake up early because of the soccer WC finals: The Netherlands vs. Spain. Ganbatte! (Do your best!)

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