Money: ¥37.700

Unlike in anime, I do not hear a single cicada here while it is summer. Maybe it is because I am in heavy populated city. It is pretty quiet here, with not so many bugs. I have seen bugs though, and those are really larger than the ones I usually see in the Netherlands. About cicadae, note that I am talking about the ‘higurashi’ cicada found in Japan. As by now I already got used to the usual cicada, the so-called ‘kumazemi’ cicada.

“Ohayou gozaimasu” to you all and “itadakimasu”, saying that before eating the soup from yesterday. Today and tomorrow will probably be the only days where I will be going to school instead of commuting. Sadly my mother will not be joining me today nor tomorrow because she is busy on weekends. The whole play will be recorded so she can probably watch it any time. “Ittekimasu” and off I go.

So after the small HR(homeroom) period, the festival officially started and as I might have said before, I was invited to join the tea ceremony. It was really serious business, my brother concluded as he checked Wikipedia. Yes, this evening I went on Skype to talk to mom, but she is away every time I try to speak with her. Anyway, tea. I think you readers know how to sit polite the Japanese way, right? Right, sit on your feet and hope that someone gives up first because his legs are totally numb.

And thus we, Stefan, me and other visitors, sat still for twenty minutes. I’ve taken a video of this ceremony, so please bore yourselves out if you like to. The so called goldfish sweets are delicious, but blergh, I did not like the bitter taste of the tea. I told my host mother sincerely how I felt about the tea and now she gives me water every time. I guess that is for the best.

Before I go too far off-topic, I will continue my lively day. I do not want to visit everything by myself, so I met up with Naohide and went to his club, the Biology club. Woot! I got to know the volume of my brains, and I got myself a plastic sealed red bleached leaf. I like souvenirs! Bought a fan for 200 yen with a Super Mushroom on it. Everything is awesome so far.

And then it was time for our fantastic play. It is called “11 years of Maruko-chan”. It was a case of this girl called Maruka growing up from childhood to adulthood. The teacher said she would record it so I should just concentrate on my role. Even though there were small mistakes here and there, overall it was a huge success. Cleaning up afterwards was quite a pain though, with destroying all the tables that had nails in them.

Spare time. Something I had too much. So I went and watched some other plays with my classmates: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, WiCKED (a play based on The Wizard of Oz) and Detective Conan, something I saw on TV today. They were all very funny, albeit going too fast for me sometimes.

Did not visit the haunted houses today which was a bit sad, but tomorrow there is another chance. Maybe I should invite the girls of our class. Many of them are very cute in my opinion. The boys are also awesome of course. Next week I want to go Brawl at Ikeda’s as he invited me, but I wonder if Masaharu has any plans. I also talked a lot about anime with Naohide and I guess these kinds of conversations is inevitable.

As supper we went to a “kaitenzushi” (conveyor belt-sushi) restaurant. I could not resist eating tempura as well, which is very delicious, and some shaved ice, something we rarely eat in the Netherlands. I tried to eat many kinds of sushi, but raw fish is stall hard for me to eat. As we were done, we went to the supermarket afterwards – I bought soda – and now I am trying to upload some pictures to my phone, but it is a real pain. Oh well, that is it for part one. “Oyasuminasai”.

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