Money: ¥37.270

I’m getting tired really fast these last days. I do no longer believe it is because of jetlag, but because I get less caffeine here than in the Netherlands. It is obviously always tea time here. To be honest, I do not really like the taste of it yet. I am thinking of daily buying some soft drink at school. I guess I really like sweet stuff.

Today started with yesterday’s leftovers with apple bread. I love their inventions. Like again, I went to school normally and went to my class. As I thought, the moment I came in to the class, a lot of classmates rushed over to me to just say hello. Sometimes I wonder why this does not happen in the Netherlands. I guess Dutch people are more bashful.

School started with homeroom but that did not really do much to me anymore. It is more class related. I did get a map of where things are tomorrow at the school festival. First period was Maths. It was actually so easy, I had a hard time remembering it. The last time I did simple inequalities was over 2 years ago. Next period, World History, was totally gibberish. To people who have never heard of that word: I understood nothing. Apparently, it was about the people who evaded Europe around 1200, but I do not know about the rest. I do not really care about European history when I think about it.

Afterwards I was called by Urabe-sensei. He takes care of second grade Geography. Me and Stefan had to explain ourselves and our countries to the students of his class. I guess Stefan had some difficulties, not being able to speak Japanese. That seems like a major burden to me. Not to mention Belgium does not have that many cultural aspects. Aside chocolate…fries…beer…and Manneke Pis.

Tomorrow is the school festival, so there is only today for the last preparation for the play we are doing. I actually wanted to join as well, but the play is done at Saturday while my host family is going to visit at Sunday. But after a while I thought “What the heck” and asked Naohide if I could join. Guess what, I got 2 sentences and I can participate with their dance act! Even if it is small, it is great if I can play with the other classmates.

I got to know my classmates better today. As Monday and Tuesday are days off, I might want to go out and play with them. Step by step I can remember some names. I also learnt some new Japanese words. The selected words for today are uchiwa(fan), gyagu(practical joke) and tsukkomi(needs a long explanation, but it is part of the great Osaka comedy).

“Father, you drink too much!” (Otou-san, nomisugi desu yo!) and “Is grandfather’s grave here?” (Koko ga ojii-san no ohaka desu ka?) are my sentences. The dance is pretty funny, I will probably record it when the time has come. In the evening I was alone – I was able to go home by myself – so I laid down on the couch but I accidentally fell asleep. I think this will happen quite often.

I ate milk with chicken soup, but it tasted like some kind of champignon soup we have in the Netherlands…That’s a mushroom kind by the way. Going to sleep now but it seems there is finally an anime running, so I am going to watch that instead to kill the time. The title of the anime is Mimi wo Sumaseba. Good night!

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