Money: ¥37.420

From here on, I think there will be a bit less writing because a daily routine has been formed. The reason I am saying that is because the school festival starts the day after tomorrow. I cannot wait to see it. I will probably record some videos as well. Do take notice that these videos need some time to be processed.

So today I wore nice, clean clothes that looked quite similar to what the other students wore. In summer, they do not really wear uniforms because of the hot weather sadly. I am quite shocked. The day started with bread and 500 yen to buy some food in the school cafeteria. The morning has become a routine already so I need not explain it too much anymore. As a snack I ate some dumplings (dango) for a change, and again those are really delicious.

After arriving at the high school, we were welcomed by the principle who gave me and the other Stefan a tour around the school. At the end of the orientation, we had to watch the Chorus Concours. I was in class 1-8, Stefan in 2-1. They put us in different classes on purpose, which is good.

The self-introduction was really similar to an anime-like one. It was funny to see all those reaction s, especially those from the girls. First I got to meet the Maths teacher, whose lessons I have to follow tomorrow. But the exercises looked very simple. The class I had to follow today was Japanese Classics (kobun). It is all about translating old Sino-Japanese into modern Japanese. The teacher thought of a nice exercise: The students had to explain the story to me, so even I could understand it. Not going to write about it, however, as that would take too much time…not to mention I already forgot it about now.

So now that there is a small break, it is time to get some food from the cafeteria. I met a lot of people, whose names I inevitably have to remember. For now, I know these names: the class president Shimada Naohide, Ken, Tsukki, Wakana, Haruka, Umi, Kamiru, Yuki and Maho. They all look alike, so that is going to be a problem. Nevertheless, I ordered by Curry Rice with a can of cola which 460 yen total. I put my shoes back on – as you normally have to put on slippers while you are at school – and I went with my class to the city hall.

Before the concours started, Stefan and I had to introduce ourselves to the whole school. Man, I was nervous. It made us quite the talk of the school. There was a total of 1000 students, teachers said. As I was quite tired, I fell asleep once but I could not help it. I hope my sleeping pattern will be fixed before the festival. The concours took on for four hours, I liked it, and I hope my videos give a nice impression. Notice that I actually received actual recordings before I returned to the Netherlands.

I got questioned what to do afterwards. I had no idea, but because I was quite bored, I thought I could help out my class with their preparations for the festival. Unfortunately they are finishing up right now, so now I am thinking about joining a club. Currently my decision wavers between Manga Research, Track & Field or Softball.

Saying goodbye to my classmates, I tried to go home by myself. Today it failed by going the wrong way twice, although I was really close. In the end I met up with mom, took a shower, rested, ate dinner and went to sleep. That is about it. For your information, today’s dinner existed out of rice with sausages, fish, tofu and shiitake. We always get some snacks after dinner, and this time it was vanilla pudding, but with extra calcium et cetera. Japanese really have those high standards for healthiness.

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