Money: ¥37.530

It is currently 7:00 AM in the morning. In the end, I could not sleep that much, so I assume that it will have an effect later on. Somehow the plans for today were a bit changed. Instead of Tokyo, we are now going to Kyoto, as it’s more nearby. The morning started off with a lot of… vegetables. But I have to endure. Packed up with both my photo camera and video camera, I left for Neyagawa Station (Keihan Neyagawa-shi Eki).

There I met up with Max and his host mother. Unlike me, Max is German and is staying in Japan for a whole year. Although his conversation level is on par with mine, he can read and write a lot more Japanese than I can. At his house we ate something I knew for once: Cake with iced coffee. Although afterwards I got some tasty drink called Ume Juice while watching the match replay of the victory of the Netherlands against Uruguay. They do not mind me cheering for my own country, unlike my parents thought.

After a while, Maaya-san came by to ‘assist’ us with the tour through Kyoto. She is a returnee from YFU Japan and before we know it, another two girls entered the group. They were called Akiyo-san and Rena-san. We planned to go to the Kiyomizu Temple today, but that was cancelled because of the heavy rain.

Instead we ate at Mos Burger, but my wallet was in pain afterwards: 630 yen for only a small set. However, it was delicious as always. Apparently these girls came to Kyoto to apply for the ‘Open Course of the Kyoto University for Foreign Studies’. To conclude, we walked around in the city centre which was a lot of fun. I took my chance to take some pictures and videos.

Money disappears fast here. I hope I do not have to buy everything. Today I played with an electronic dictionary that interests me very much. Anyway, tomorrow I have to go to school for the first time so I cannot wait for that. I have driven with my bicycle before but the brakes are unbelievably strong. Luckily it is straight ahead to school, although it takes about 20 minutes. What is more funny, is that this other YFU-student Stefan is also going to the same school as I am. Next time I will be talking 100% in Japanese as well, just like today.

I forgot to tell, but natto tastes very strange. It kind of tastes like nuts with mocha and…slime. It’s not that nasty though. Tonight at 3:30 is the match of Germany versus Spain. I am not going to watch it but I am curious who is going to win. Going to bed now, as my mind is probably still numb from the jet-lag.

To be honest, I still do not realize that I am in Japan yet. When this dream ends, it is as if a new dream starts again. Tanabata was not celebrated by us, but rather by my host parents, as they went to the shore of a river nearby, to see some spectacular things like letting burning candles flow on the river.

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