[Convention] TsunaCon 2015

DSCN9925Finally, we’re getting to the bigger conventions now. TsunaCon is considered to be the part of the Dutch Big Three anime conventions, but there’s something interesting about the Big Three. While this is the shortest convention during only one day from 11:00 to 23:00, it is also considered the most popular of all three, which is quite surprising. You’d expect AnimeCon or AbunaiCon to be at least more successful since they last over the weekends. However, AnimeCon has lately been labelled as quite the elitist convention with high prices and unneeded high culture, so to say. On the opposite, AbunaiCon has been switching locations here and there, and now it’s in a position where people kind of get lost in the venue. I personally prefer AbunaiCon since it’s close and I can volunteer for the weekend, but let’s talk about TsunaCon right now.

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