[Script Batch] Haitai Nanafa S2

Haitai Nanafa (2013) - 10 (AT-X HD! 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_01.34_[2015.03.06_06.06.32]Haisai! After like, one and half years, I finally decided to go through all these episodes in one session. Luckily, they’re only 3 minutes each, so that saves a lot of time. However, since they have a lot of Okinawan Japanese that I don’t understand, I’ve had my fair amount of research before I was able to finish all of this. The quality of the translations may vary because somewhere in the middle I was contemplating whether I should continue with this project or not. I decided to give it one more roll but I’m more motivated to watch than to actually translate it considering the expected amount of people that will actually get to see these scripts. That all said and done, let’s get to the episodes!

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