[Lyrics] Sket Dance ED #13 [Startup]

And another song with a totally unrelated picture. It’s the last piece of music in the anime, which sounds kinda sad, as all the songs are quite nice. Then again, I’m quite known with the music of The Sketchbook. All right, on to the lyrics!

My bad for not paying attention to my site lately. I’m being quite inactive in the fansubbing community this season, because I’m exceptionally busy with papers and other stuff related to my study. Expect some posts to appear related to the anime Magi and Little Busters! and of course, more lyrics. It seems that I’ve been recruited as Song Translator for many groups lately. For example, see here.

Chrouya: Translator (OP/ED)

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Dutch student Japanologist, and founder of Mandoran. Likes everything about Modern Japan, including anime, manga, visual novels, bowling and gaming. Frequently found as translator or translation checker of fansub groups. His portfolio can be found on his dropbox website. Follow his actions on Twitter or send him a message at chrouya@gmail.com .

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