[Hatsuyuki] Little Busters 1~6

I totally did not realize that I posted lyrics of the opening and ending for this series, but I never wrote a release post for this series yet. Even though it’s my number one visual novel so far. Because I already know the story and it’s probably better conveyed in the visual novel anyway, I feel that the anime doesn’t have that much of an impact. Riki also has another voice actor than in the VN, although he only speaks there when the story isn’t narrated from his point of view.

So a 2 weeks ago, I even posted something about the second ending of this series in the anime, while we’re not even that far ahead in translating the episodes. That feels kind of awkward in retrospect. If you want to see updated episodes, just go to UTW or something. There’s bound to be a second season later on, focusing on the new routes and of course, the Refrain (which is identical to the After Story sequence in Clannad).

Why are we so many episodes behind, I wonder. Yes, I know, it’s the same problem as Sigh’s Magi… We’re missing a translator. Same for this series, I’m being asked to check the CR translations later on… Although that spoils a bit of the translating fun, I guess I could give it a go. Just like putting all the interesting translation notes of the past 6 episodes all in one post. Just read on to see.

Download links:
[Episode 1]
[Episode 2]
[Episode 3]
[Episode 4]
[Episode 5]
[Episode 6]

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