[Lyrics] Date a Live PV OP “Haruka Kanata” (TV Size)

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This song is more commonly known as the 28th ending of Bleach, but the first time I heard it was in a PV of Date a Live, so this is not the real opening to the series!


[Date a Live PV OP (Bleach ED 28)]
Unlimits – Haruka Kanata
miageteita no wa hyaku kakkei no sora
I looked upon a hectogonal sky.

mainasu hyakudo no surechigau shisen ni
Your gaze passed through me at 100 degrees below zero.

凍てつく心臓 握りしめた手は
itetsuku shinzou nigirishimeta te wa
Enough to freeze my heart, yet the hand I held

giragira aseban de ita
was soaking with sweat.

amakute nigai konkuriito no machi de
In the concrete town which was sweet yet bitter.

ハルカカナタ 遠くの空へ
haruka kanata tooku no sora he
Far away, into the sky,

飛んでゆける 僕らの声は
tondeyukeru bokura no koe wa
that’s where our voices escape to.

高く高く どこまでも遠くへ届けて
takaku takaku doko made mo tooku he todokete
Rising higher and higher, reaching the farthest places.

ハルカカナタ 僕らの明日は
haruka kanata bokura no asu wa
Far away lies our future,

誰も知らない 誰も消せない
dare mo shiranai dare mo kesenai
that no one knows of and no one can erase.

深く強く 突き刺さる想いを信じて
fukaku tsuyoku tsukisasaru omoi wo shinjite
Believe in this deep and strong-willed hope.



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