[Lyrics] Red Data Girl OP & ED (TV Size)

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[Red Data Girl OP]
Annabel – Small Worldrop
kimi no koe ga yobiau sono hikari he
Your voice is calling out to the light.

usuginu hoshi ni ima sekai wo mitsumeteru
Staring at the world from the sparkling stars above.

tobenai kago no naka hane wo chijimete
Unable to fly, I’m losing my feathers in this cage.

風渡るぬ森へと 咲き継ぐ花たちの
kaze wataru mori he to sakitsugu hanatachi no
Just like flowers spreading seeds through the wind,

呼吸を真似して 翅をそっと揺らせば
kokyuu wo mane shite hane wo sotto yuraseba
I slowly spread my own wings as if imitating them.

ほら 君の声が硬く閉じたまま
hora kimi no koe ga kataku tojita mama
See? As you kept your voice down as much as possible,

uzukumaru kono ashimoto wo terasu yo
the sound of our footsteps are being highlighted.
{I can’t get “crouched” into this sentence literally, so I left it out (added sound)}

刻まれた未来が遠 く視えない場所でも
kizamareta mirai ga tooku mienai basho demo
Although this engraved future is so far away you can’t even see it,

虞を脱ぎ捨てて 君のもとへ
osore wo nugisutete kimi no moto he
don’t give in to your fear, and stay where you are.

fureawanakutemo tsutawaru tashikana omoi ga
Even if we are disconnected, our feelings will still be conveyed.

何度でも 向う強さになる
nando demo mukau tsuyosa ni naru
And will become our strength over and over again.

kawatteyuku tame ni
So that we can move on.


[Red Data Girl ED]
Itou Masumi – Yokan
dareka ga watashi wo yobu no
Someone is calling out to me.

dokoka de watashi wo yobu
Calling out to me from somewhere.

遠くから近づいてる やさしい響き心動きだして
tooku kara chikazuiteru yasashii hibiki kokoro ugokidashite
Approaching from afar, stirring my heart awake with soft beats.

hitotsu oshiete kono setsunai yokan no mae de
Tell me, what came before this sorrowful premonition?

まだ知れずにいた 想いが広がりかけてるの
mada shirazu ni ita omoi ga hirogari kaketeru no
These yet unknown feelings were growing inside of me…

yume miteita jiyuu ni
In the freedom I had in my dreams,

tomadoigachi no mama
I remain to be confused.

chiisana koe de negau
With a small voice, I wish:

minna to issho ni
“I would like to laugh…

waraiaitai ne
… alongside everyone.”



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