[Sigh-Kaylith] Haitai Nanafa 6

I hereby present to you, the 6th episode of Haitai Nanafa. Due to queued posts, this one came in a little bit later than I had planned, but it’s best when I place posts on a daily base. Putting everything on the site at one time might cause a flood and a week of nothingness afterwards, which really leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Future episodes are bound to be released soon as the encodes are about ready.

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Translation Notes
This has a slight different layout than my usual TLC reports, since this is an original translation. I still feel the need to put up translation notes because this series is spoken in Okinawan Japanese dialect.

This is a liberal translation, as they’re actually already in Okinawa when they’re saying that… But I don’t see another way to make the English translation flow nicely, other than this. Another note about this screenshot is of course the sign above their head. When you arrive at an airport, you’re usually welcomed with a message in the according language. Mensoore is the Okinawan version for Irasshaimase, which some people might know from maid cafés and the like. A simple but nice sounding welcome if you ask me.

As I discussed before, Okinawa is known for its unique dishes. One of these dishes I mentioned in the very first episode was “Tebichi Soba”, which is actually buckwheat noodles with slices of pig’s trotters as base for the meat. I have to say I’m pretty interested in trying that meal. How would pig’s trotters taste?



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4 thoughts on “[Sigh-Kaylith] Haitai Nanafa 6

      • Yes, the Okinawa version doesn’t look near as disgusting as the German dish, but still… I don’t know if I would want to eat that. Also, cooked for 5-6 hours? -_-;;

        • Exotic stuff like that always takes time to prepare, I guess. Just like the extremely poisonous fugu (pufferfish). Well, I do admit that it still doesn’t look that tasty, but if the texture is soft and delicious enough, I might be able to ignore the looks of it, hahah ^^

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