[Sigh-Kaylith] Haitai Nanafa 3

We’re on a roll. Another episode of Haitai Nanafa, the short but pretty funny series. It’s really fun to work on it, since it’s just a bit different from the work I usually get.

Baseball just seems the thing in Japan. And that’s not limited to the main islands it seems. Even Okinawa likes to join the hype. Koushien Stadium is like, the number 1 famous stadium when talking about baseball. If Okinawa would actually get to there with their team, even I would be surprised.

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Translation Notes
This has a slight different layout than my usual TLC reports, since this is an original translation. I still feel the need to put up translation notes because this series is spoken in Okinawan Japanese dialect.

I would love to write more notes here, but they are really obvious and not worth it. There’s no such thing that kijimuna actually like baseball according to the original mythology.

Iina is such a dojikko. We thought we’d give this instance of Haisai some kind of rough spicing so it’d actually seem like it doesn’t seem fit for a girl to say it. Unless you’re some kind of tomboy. I wonder, would a tomboy prefer that masculine way of saying hello instead?



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4 thoughts on “[Sigh-Kaylith] Haitai Nanafa 3

  1. Yes, it also always surprises me to see how popular baseball is in Japan. Baseball is near non-existant her in Germany, and I guess it’s no different for the Netherlands, right?

    • Actually, even though baseball is hardly visible on the television here in the Netherlands, we do have quite a talented team. You’d be surprised to hear that our team is in the top 3 of best baseball teams in the world! Number one being Japan and number two being the United States of America, which shouldn’t come as a surprise. But yeah, we’re third on that list.

  2. I can’t remember a single instance that baseball was on TV here, or in the newspaper.
    I’ve looked it up, and there’s a “Baseball and Softball union” (probably too small to have individual ones each) with just 30,000 members.
    In the European Championship, the German team didn’t do too badly – the became 2nd in 1957 and a few times became 3rd or 4th. After 3rd in 1975 they pretty much disappeared. Only in 2005, 2007 and 2012 they were 4th again, and 2010 even 3rd.
    Netherlands is quite a different story. Starting in 1956, they won most times, and when they didn’t win, they were 2nd (only exception is 1967, where they didn’t even make 3rd or 4th).
    In 2001, the Netherlands won the Baseball Worldcup – but that’s the only time they ever won anything there. Germany never placed anywhere on the first three places there. Japan placed 2nd in 1982 and placed third five times.

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