[Sigh-Kaylith] Haitai Nanafa 2

And here’s the second episode of Haitai Nanafa. We might just called it Hello Nanafa as some kind of reference to Hello Kitty! Or might this just be what they wanted to achieve with such a title…?
So, kijimuna appear to have special powers? I just keep wondering what Niina’s special power…No one knows. It’s not even written down in old folk tales… Also, albeit I said that kijimuna were “child-like” wood spirits, Raana does seem quite grown up for a child. I guess the main focus here is just the moe-factor.

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Translation Notes
This has a slight different layout than my usual TLC reports, since this is an original translation. I still feel the need to put up translation notes because this series is spoken in Okinawan Japanese dialect.

Nothing much to note here, but this one shouldn’t escape the eye. Iina is a guardian lion, and her original form is that kind of statue that you would usually see at temples. But an Okinawan shisa is just a little bit different from a Chinese shishi. In a normal situation, a house might have two of these guardian lion dogs. One with the mouth open, warding off evil, and one with the mouth closed, to keep the good spirits inside.



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