[Lyrics] Kuroko no Basuke OP2 & ED2

As promised, the opening of ending of the second season of Kuroko no Basuke. Well, not really a “second season”, but it went on for longer than one season, hence why I give it such a name. Do you like basketball? I actually don’t, since it’s so tiring and my physique doesn’t really help here. Regarding sports anime…Well, nesides Slam Dunk (remember those other songs I translated), you also have this more moe version called Ro-Kyu-Bu. I’d watch that instead, since I’m not that much of a serious guy when it comes to sports in general. I mean, I’m a professional bowler, but where do you find an anime of that “sport”?

Also, that guy in the picture looks kinda like me. Kinda.

[Kuroko no Basuke OP2]

Let’s Fly Now
Let’s Try Now
Let’s Fly Now

mune odoru SUTEEJI he kakeagaru domannaka de
Run up to the middle of the exciting stage and show me

kagirinaku rinkaiten toppa misete yo
how you surpass every single critical point!

夢たしなむレジェンド everybody 輪の中で
yume tashinamu REJENDO EVERYBODY wa no naka de
Everybody in this circle is a legend with a taste for dreams.

迷いなく未来への JUMP
mayoi naku mirai he no JUMP
Jump into the future without hesitation.

ochiburetenai to ochiburete kara iu yatsu bakka
Nothing but people who say they haven’t fallen after proving the opposite.

起死回生 狙う道のり 怖くなくはないが
kishikaisei nerau michinori kowakunaku wa nai ga
I’m not afraid to seek a way to recover from this abyss.

koeteku kabe nanoni tsuukaten nanoni fusaideru nara
But if I’m stuck despite going beyond the walls and reaching the checkpoints,

1人じゃない自覚を 届け
hitori janai jikaku wo todoke
I have to make myself aware that I’m not alone.

We have to make a RIMFIRE

合わせろ power の中の mind
awasero POWER no naka no MIND
Gather all the willpower in our minds.

iiwake iran zo
I don’t need your pitiful excuses!

Gotta dream 限界と war
Gotta dream to the limits and war.

tachihadakaru no wa rikaishi sugita joushiki to kodoku no maibotsu
Confronted by this well known implantation called common sense and loneliness.

Let’s Fly Now!

[Kuroko no Basuke ED2]
OLDCODEX – Catal Rhythm

honnou teki naru situation tatakau imi wo sagasu kono imitation
An instinctual situation, with this imitation searching for a reason to fight.

暗闇から溢れるライト 捕われたyourself壊せ
kurayami kara koboreru raito torawareta yourself kowase
Light is leaking from the darkness; break apart from your captured self.

jiyuu ukeirete wa mogaite kuratte fuantei
Accepting the freedom that comes from struggling through the instability.

kodou ga boku wo tsukiage spy kidotten da
The pulsation raises my spirit, making me feel like a spy.

bring back the Catalyst “a simple way to best”
and Rhythm like this never ends
sometimes your voice reached to me
because I don’t want to face the fate

跳び立ちたくなるって? カタルリズム覚えてんだろう
tobitachitaku narutte? KATARU RIZUMU oboetendarou
“I feel like jumping up”? You do remember the catalytic rhythm, don’t you?

mune ni hibiku akirame no kako he
My heart is resonating to the past you gave up on.

sabita SUKOABOODO mitai ni // kimi mo koko de furuetendarou?
Just like a rusty scoreboard. You’re shivering here as well, aren’t you?

toriaezu wa mayoi no nai mirai he
For now, let us proceed to the future without hesitation.

zanzou demo iin da
Even if it’s just an afterimage.

future aspect



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