[Lyrics] Kuroko no Basuke OP & ED

Yes, this is old stuff from more than a year ago, but I did these OP and ED songs by request. Again, by Hatsuyuki. Because I’m hardly doing any TLC work at the moment, I’m being stationed as song translator for a lot of stuff. We’re going to do the Blu-Ray releases, and perhaps people will like it. The second season songs should also be up somewhere today or tomorrow…And maybe I’ll give the specials a try later on as well. This season has been Specials and Songs only for me, but not that I mind.

And Hyadain is awesome.

[Kuroko no Basuke OP]

dakara itta janai ka
I told you, didn’t I?

yowasa wo uri ni shitatte mae ni nanka susume ya shinain daze
You can’t advance forward if your selling point is your own weakness.

ねえ 儚い自分
nee hakanai jibun
Oh, woe is me.
{lit. Hey, I who is in vain}

enshutsu shitatte dare mo mukandou
Even if you set the stage, no one will be interested.

kodoku ga sainamu yoru ni datte
But whenever you’re tormented by loneliness in the night,

asu machiwabiru hikari ga aru
there will be light welcoming the next morning. {lit. tomorrow}

tsuyogaru yowai jibun wo
The weak me, pretending to be strong,

mitomerareru tsuyosa wo
makes place for the geniune strength.

始めるんだ やれるモンさ
hajimerun da yareru mon sa
Now, we are able to handle it.

そこから前を 向いちゃって
soko kara mae wo mui chatte
We’ll face forward from that point.

歩け 走れ 何度でも
aruke hashire nandodemo
And keep on walking and running every single time.

choushi hazure no koe datte ii sa
It doesn’t matter if you sing out-of-tune.

sore ga doushitan datte
I’d just yell: “What’s wrong with that?!”

叫ぶんだ 俺の番だ Can you do it?
sakebun da ore no banda Can you do it?
It’s my turn now. Can you do it?

suruto dou darou nandatte
But something feels different now.

kowaku nanka naku nattenze
There’s nothing to be afraid of anymore.

今日が我が身だ I can do it
kyou ga wagami da I can do it
It’s all me now, I can do it.

You can do it
We can do it

[Kuroko no Basuke ED]
Hyadain – Start it right away

だって悔しくて まじ情けなくて
datte kuyashikute maji nasakenakute
It’s just so regrettable and too miserable.

tomaranai namida wo waraitakya warae
If you want to laugh at my unstoppable tears then go ahead.

不公平すぎだろ 生まれつき違うんだ
fukouhei sugi daro umaretsuki chigaun da
Isn’t it just too unfair? Only because we’re different by nature.

tooku naru senaka wo yubi kuwaete miteru
I can only look enviously at your back distancing away.

“Tensai nanda yo” oitsuke ya shinai
I can’t catch up with you with words like “I’m a genius.”

jibun no genkaichi wo katte ni kimeteta
I’ve set my own limits by myself.

本当は知ってる 本当のことを
hontou wa shitteru hontou no koto wo
I actually know about the truth and all.

dare yori doryoku shiteru sugata
That you put in more effort than anyone else.

mienai furi shiten no wa
And I know I’m just turning a blind eye to it.

わかってるんだ わかってるんだ だけど
wakatterunda wakatterunda dakedo
I’m aware of it, but still.

どうにもこうにもなんないからとか なんとかかんとか言って
dou ni mou kou ni mou nan nai kara toka nanto kakan toka itte
I keep saying stuff like nothing’s working out, blah blah blah, yada yada yada.

みんなも自分も自分も自分も 上手にだまくらかして
minna mo jibun mo jibun mo jibun mo jouzu ni damakurakashite
Skillfully fooling everyone including myself, yes, even myself.

ittai zentai boku wa nani wo hokoreru darou
What on earth would I actually be proud of?

ano hi no boku wa boku wo warau kana
I wonder if my old self would sneer at the current me.

もっと もっと 空は碧いはずさ
motto motto sora wa aoi hazu sa
The sky was supposed to be much, much bluer.

Now, start it right away!!



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