[Lyrics] Da Capo III ED#3 “Reflection”

Requested by none other than my alma mater fansub group, Hatsuyuki. Of course they’re still active, but the speed in which they release episodes has drawn back a lot. For example, take this ending I translated for them. This one is featured in episode 6, while we haven’t even released episode 3 I believe. Nevertheless, I think it’s good to think forward and have stuff done so you could actually get a lot of releases out in a short time. If that will actually happen…Well, that’s up to Hatsuyuki.

What do you think of Da Capo III? I haven’t seen it yet, but the premise of a girl called Charles really took my attention. In my eyes, Da Capo has always been the competitor to KEY anime when it comes to melodrama. Usually the same animation group working on the series, and kind of repetitive (but strong) in its theming. I guess it’s called “Da Capo” for a reason. I just find it amazing how they can keep one character in all these dimensions…Darn you, Suginami.

[Da Capo III ED#3]

届いた優しさ 特別だと言ってほしい
todoita yasashisa tokubetsu da to itte hoshii
I want you to say this warmth I feel is something special. {kindness}

今 君は誰を見つめてるんだろう…
ima kimi wa dare wo mitsumeterundarou…
I wonder who you are gazing at right now…

jougen no tsuki wa haruka
The wexing moon shines upon us from far away.

sono saki wo terasu you ni
Showing us what lies ahead,

高鳴る想い 何処へ連れてく
takanaru omoi doko he tsureteku
taking our precious memories altogether.

sunao na mama ni kotoba ni shite
No matter how honestly I am conveying my feelings,

伝えても 埋まらない この気持ちは
tsutaetemo umaranai kono kimochi wa
it just doesn’t seem quite enough.

どんな私を 今 描いているの
donna watashi wo ima egaiteiru no
What kind of me is being portrayed right now?

omoide yori mo mirai de itai
I rather await the future than look back at the past.

涙 こぼれる前に
namida koboreru mae ni
Before I’m going to shed a tear,

私だけ そっと 抱きしめて
watashi dake sotto dakishimete
please embrace no one but me.



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