[Lyrics] Hayate no Gotoku! Can’t Take My Eyes Off You OP [<--]

*The title of the name obviously isn’t “<--", but it's the same as the subtitle of this anime: "Can't Take My Eyes Off You".*

I hope you don’t mind me taking a screenshot from the previous season, as I haven’t been watching this third season just yet. Note that the Netherlands is actually represented in that picture (and not France!). You’d probably guess it has to do with a lack of time, which is partially true. Another reason I’m not watching this series yet is because I’m aware that this season is not related to the other two seasons at all…And that the animation quality is very meager. It’s not as appealing as the original (or rather, former) animation style.

What do you think of this spin-off series?

[Hayate no Gotoku! Can’t Take My Eyes Off You OP]

そこで笑ってて くれないか?
soko de warattete kurenai ka
Could you please keep on smiling?

小さい頃 星の数ほど夢を見て
chiisai koro hoshi no kazu hodo yume wo mite
In my childhood, I saw a countless amount of dreams like stars in the sky.

私が望めば なんでも手に入ると思ってた
watashi ga nozomeba nandemo te ni hairu to omotteta
I imagined that I could get anything if I wished for it.

でも欲しいものは 全部高いところにあって
demo hoshii mono wa zenbu takai tokoro ni atte
However, everything I wanted lay in high places.

背伸びをしても届かないから 見上げるのをやめた
senobi wo shitemo todokanai kara miageru no wo yameta
Even if I stretched out, I couldn’t reach them, so I stopped looking up.

だけどあの日 君に出逢った
dakedo ano hi kimi ni deatta
But then, I met you on that day.

hohoemi wo kureta
You gave me a smile,

生まれきたその意味 知ったんだ
umare kita sono imi shittanda
And taught me the reason why I was born.

anata ga kono sekai ni iru to
Just believing that you’re in this world,

omou dakede ikite ikeru
gives me the strength to live on.

nobashita sono te tsukamu yo
I will grab your extended hand,

nando kujiketatte kamawanai
no matter how many times I fall.

乗り越えるよ だから
norikoeru yo dakara
In the end, I will overcome it,

そこで笑ってて くれないか?
soko de warattete kurenai ka
so could you please keep on smiling?



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4 thoughts on “[Lyrics] Hayate no Gotoku! Can’t Take My Eyes Off You OP [<--]

  1. For the line: “watashi ga sono te tsukamu yo”
    I believe I heard “nobashi da” instead of “watashi ga”, also, some of the english needs improving on, like: “In my childhood, I saw countless of dreams like stars in the sky.”
    I prefer making that: “In my childhood, I saw a countless number of dreams like stars in the sky” Just has a more, englishy feel to it in my opinion

    • Thank you for the feedback! I immediately checked out the official lyrics — they are already online at this point — and realized that you were right, it had to be 伸ばした (nobashita). Seemingly, I also mistook kamawanai as kawaranai. I also took your advice on the English phrasing. Updated the post right away.

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