[Lyrics] Dog Days’ IN [Heart Relation]

What’s Dog Days without concerts by the one and only princess Millhiore F. Biscotti? I only participated in translating two of the songs, so here’s the first one. The second one follows very quickly. Trust me on this!

[Dog Days’ IN]
Horie Yui – Heart Relation

いつでもそばにいた あなたのその隣
itsudemo soba ni ita anata no sono tonari
You were always with me, there by my side.

onnaji negaigoto dakishimete irareta
Thus, we were able to embrace the same hope.

この手を伸ばして あなたに触れたい
kono te wo nobashite anata ni furetai
I want to reach out my hands and touch you.

hajimari no kodou wo kiite
Listen to the first beats of my heart.

kitto tsunagaru rireeshon sora ni egakidasu
I’ll draw the connection between us into the sky.

motto yuuki wo atsumete
Gather up more courage.

つよくつよく 心つながれるように
tsuyoku tsuyoku kokoro tsunagareru you ni
More and more, so that it will bind our hearts as one.

青空の下 響く鐘の音
aozora no shita hibiku kane no ne
Under the blue sky, the echoes of the bell…

耳をすませて はじまりはすぐそこ
mimi wo sumasete hajimari wa sugu soko
Open your ears, the beginning is right there.

kiito tsunagaru rireeshon sora ni hibikasete
Let’s resonate the connection between us through the sky.

motto yuuki wo atsumete
Gather up more courage.

つよくつよく 心離れないように
tsuyoku tsuyoku kokoro hanarenai you ni
More and more, so that our hearts will never part.



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