[Doki] Dog Days’ 11

My notes are based on the following release.

Hey, I’m actually getting closer to the actual release dates! Awesome! That, combined with a funny episode this time, makes it quite worth the effort. This episode is all about what you see above. Crossdressing. Well, not exactly. More like genderbending. But it’s almost the same, right? Hilarity ensues.

Staff Credits:

  • Project Leader: odinigh
  • Main Translator: sakurahime
  • Timer: xMythycle
  • Translation Checker: Chrouya
  • Editor: Kotetsure
  • Typesetter: iMdai
  • Quality Controller: Glis
  • Encoder: anonymlol
  • Karaoke: odinigh
  • and special thanks to:
  • you, for selecting our release!

Download links:
[10bit MKV]
[8bit MKV]

Translation Notes
Full report found here; alternatively, check out my other reports on my online portfolio!
Due to me being mostly a translation checker instead of a translator, the way I write notes is different as well. I’m not really fond of having to watch an episode multiple times, so I’m not skimming through the whole episode to find me some interesting facts here and there. In TLC cases, most of the times I’ll be jumping to several of the TLC notes I made and give a small comment about it…probably reflecting the original translation.

“Mounted Battle by the Sea Water”,
“The Seaside Mounted Battle”,
{umibe = seaside, seashore}

Why don’t we do this in Europe. There’s a special term made for “mounted battle”, yet I can only find records in Japanese anime. It seems like a great beach activity. Just pointing out that this is a fascinating event.

A lot of other events were held afterwards too,{Glis – split line. Timing check}
On the third day too, a lot of various events were held,

The sentence does indicate that there’s a third day, right after they said it was the end of the second day. So here I assume the festival took a total of three days. Which is quite common for festivals. Our playground festivals also take about 3 to 4 days, estimated. Japanese “matsuri” seem to only take a day to about two days, however.

After doing enough virtuous deeds a{local} god’s rank goes up and they usually grow larger.
The body of a local god usually grows when our rank goes up by maintaining special training.
{I went for the literal translation here. Someone QC/Edit}

So nobody QC’d or edited this in the end. No problem, but the line reads quite difficult as it is right now. Just to make sure you all know what’s going on: Yukikaze is a local deity, and she grows when she keeps on her special training (until she reached her limit). Why the mentioning of ranks? I have no clue. Probably about how powerful you are as deity. She must be very powerful then…



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