[Doki] Dog Days’ 10

My notes are based on the following release.

Only a few more to go! Yet another battle between the three countries: Galette, Biscotti and Pastillage. This time, it seems like some sort of three-way free-for-all match, where everyone can basically attack everyone. The event is called Union Festa, or Union Festival as the editor tries to make of it every time. There’s no difference in festa though, as it means festival. In Italian. What a surprise!

Staff Credits:

  • Project Leader: odinigh
  • Main Translator: sakurahime
  • Timer: xMythycle
  • Translation Checker: Chrouya
  • Editor: Kotetsure
  • Typesetter: iMdai
  • Quality Controller: Glis
  • Encoder: anonymlol
  • Karaoke: odinigh
  • and special thanks to:
  • you, for selecting our release!

Download links:
[10bit MKV]
[8bit MKV]

Translation Notes
Full report found here; alternatively, check out my other reports on my online portfolio!
Due to me being mostly a translation checker instead of a translator, the way I write notes is different as well. I’m not really fond of having to watch an episode multiple times, so I’m not skimming through the whole episode to find me some interesting facts here and there. In TLC cases, most of the times I’ll be jumping to several of the TLC notes I made and give a small comment about it…probably reflecting the original translation.

Let’s show them our air-fighting Biscotti-style technique!{tlc on ricotta accent~}
Let’s show them our Biscotti-style aerial combat!{tlc on ricotta accent~}

Air-fighting does sound really cool, but the image I have for that is just like air-guitar: fighting without an opponent. Much like capoeira…but that’s obviously not what they mean here. I guess aerial combat is quite some terminology. And while were talking about jargon again…
Isn’t it a coincidence such manoeuvres are called dogfights?

Rebecca, let’s do our best and fight them!
Rebecca, let’s release the bullet hell!

This just reminds me of the difficult patterns you have to remember in all those Touhou games. Bullet hell is another term used for STGs, and provides the difference in genre between let’s say Gradius and Tyrian 2000 with Touhou and Ibara.



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