[AnimeSenshi] Jinrui ha Suitai Shimashita 12

My notes are based on the following release.

We’re going more and more back in time, but not for my blog post release. I had to make my final sprint, and here it is. I hope I didn’t delay this for too long. Next season will be much faster than this one. As apology, have a single translation note about “The Heart of Heavenly Thomas”.

I hope you enjoyed the series as much as I do, because this is one of the more original anime compared with ones that are currently going around right now. Next season will probably feature some post-apocalyptic anime as well, so you’ll find me again there. Until then!

Staff Credits:

  • Project Leader: furzi
  • Main Translator: Rip from Crunchyroll
  • Timing: furzi
  • Translation Checker: Chrouya
  • Editing: Duckwad
  • Typesetter: Duckwad
  • Quality Control: furzi
  • Encoder: furzi
  • Chapters: Smoothtalk
  • and a special thanks to:
  • you, for selecting our release!

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Translation Notes
Full report found here; alternatively, check out my other reports on my online portfolio!
Due to me being mostly a translation checker instead of a translator, the way I write notes is different as well. I’m not really fond of having to watch an episode multiple times, so I’m not skimming through the whole episode to find me some interesting facts here and there. In TLC cases, most of the times I’ll be jumping to several of the TLC notes I made and give a small comment about it…probably reflecting the original translation.

The Heart of Heavenly Thomas
The Heart of Heavenly Touma

I guess they didn’t want to use a Japanese name, even though the story is based on a Japanese source. Not convinced? Have you every heard of the Ronin Warriors, perhaps? If so, there’s a character called Rowan Hashiba, also known as Touma Hashiba in Japanese. And his armour association is 天空(tenkuu, air), but is also written as “heavenly”. This shows why he’s the Heavenly Touma. The Heart might come from the American virtue he got appointed to, namely “life”.



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