[Doki] Dog Days’ 7

My notes are based on the following release.

This episode doesn’t have too much jargon in it, so I was pretty much watching the episode without having to make many comments about the translation. We’re going to catch some demons, and the main male characters becoming GAR. I don’t see where this is going any more… I guess I’m too fond of development in a story. That’s not…something strange, is it?

Staff Credits:

  • Project Leader: odinigh
  • Main Translator: sakurahime
  • Timer: xMythycle
  • Translation Checker: Chrouya
  • Editor: Kotetsure
  • Typesetter: iMdai
  • Quality Controller: Glis
  • Encoder: anonymlol
  • Karaoke: odinigh
  • and special thanks to:
  • you, for selecting our release!

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Translation Notes
Full report found here; alternatively, check out my other reports on my online portfolio!
Due to me being mostly a translation checker instead of a translator, the way I write notes is different as well. I’m not really fond of having to watch an episode multiple times, so I’m not skimming through the whole episode to find me some interesting facts here and there. In TLC cases, most of the times I’ll be jumping to several of the TLC notes I made and give a small comment about it…probably reflecting the original translation.

#EPISODE 7 – Battle At the Cave of the Sealing!
#EPISODE 7 – Battle At The Sealed Cave!
{I believe this was the previous version}

This post will be a short one, because the provided comments for these 2 fixes are really small and redundant. So why do I add them? Because I can, and because I feel like this translation fits the scenario more than the other. Have you ever heard of a Sealed Cave? I have, in lots of RPGs like Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger. As this anime is just as fantastic and magical, I couldn’t find better wording that this.

Demon transformation is something caused by sickness of the land’s spirits and the demons.
Demon transformation is caused by sickness of the gods and the spirits of the land.

I just found this worth noting because it’s part of the main storyline in the first season. I don’t know why the original translation had “demons” at the end there. When such land spirits and local deities become sick, they could turn into demons/monsters/whatsoever. That happened in the climax of the first season. Just for reminders.



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