[AnimeSenshi] Jinrui ha Suitai Shimashita 4

My notes are based on the following release.

You might as well disregard this summary; it’s just meant to fill the space and to alert you of any changes. Nothing important to say at the moment, however. So just enjoy this episode which is all about the morals of making a popular manga. And being literally immersed in it. Manzines made by the fairies surely seem dangerous.

Staff Credits:

  • Project Leader: furzi
  • Main Translator: Rip from Crunchyroll
  • Timing: furzi
  • Translation Checker: Chrouya
  • Editing: Duckwad
  • Typesetter: Duckwad
  • Quality Control: furzi
  • Encoder: furzi
  • Chapters: Smoothtalk
  • and a special thanks to:
  • you, for selecting our release!

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Translation Notes
Full report found here; alternatively, check out my other reports on my online portfolio!
Due to me being mostly a translation checker instead of a translator, the way I write notes is different as well. I’m not really fond of having to watch an episode multiple times, so I’m not skimming through the whole episode to find me some interesting facts here and there. In TLC cases, most of the times I’ll be jumping to several of the TLC notes I made and give a small comment about it…probably reflecting the original translation.

For those who found it a bit hard to read:


Fairy Notes
The Fairies’ Manzines
The fairies distributed these thin books as a reaction on the manzine boom.
It might be possible to portray various human dramas by putting the people
who read the manzines into the panels themselves.
These are connected to other similar manzines,
and have adopted a ranking system.
If it decreases in popularity, it will be cancelled.
After one becomes cancelled, there’s no hope for the aged writer
to change his occupation, and he’ll become forced to inherit the family business.
The world of manzines is harsh.
Putting all jokes aside, it’s a secret as to
how such a great force would actually work.
Perhaps even now, they’re secretly being used 
as a place to publish the creative drama between the owners throughout the world.

Actually, I am an alien.
Actually, I am your grandson from the future.
Actually, I am your father.
Actually, this is not Earth.
Actually, I am the crane you saved.
Actually, this is the world, 400 years later.
Actually, I was a Yankee a long time ago.
Actually, I’m a popular guy. {lit. handsome}
Actually, I wasn’t interested.
Actually, I was wearing a wig. {slang from the word “katsura” –> dzura}

You’re revealing your power level…
Your rotten brain is acting up again…

Sorry Crunchyroll, but I think you shouldn’t rely on running gags like “It’s over 9000” in this situation. Keep it true for the people who would appreciate the anime. It’s still about being rotten to the core when you’re a lover of Boys Love materials, so we’ll keep it consistent like this instead.



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